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1. The opening number was amazing. I agree that Mike Tyson was mentioned too often, and when being mentioned the pans to him in the audience showed him to be clueless. I also agree that the mash-up was tired.
2. Why does gay have to be mentioned? I'm not offended that hetero wasn't mentioned. This is about performances on-stage, not in the bedroom. Also, it may be the network or Broadway League trying to attract the average viewer; sort of don't tell, don't tell (intentionally misquoted). You, as an adman, should understand that.
5. Miller's gown was gorgeous and she wore it well, as was Tyson's (Cicely's, not Mike's ;p). C. Tyson's elegantly-paced speech was that of a pro, even incorporating the "wrap-it-up," rather than becoming flustered.
6. I agree with your assessment of Judith Light's speech. However, as a Pittsburgh boy I must point-out that she, as well as Patina Miller and Pittsburgh's own Billy Porter, attended Carnegie Mellon in that fine city.
7. Having seen and greatly enjoyed Kinky Boots live on Broadway, I too was disappointed in its choice of selection. Perhaps, again, the network or Broadway league didn't want to alienate some viewers with a number such as "The Sex is in the Heel," which they performed in drag last week on "The View."
8. We also noticed Simba's "man boobs."
10. Finally, whose idea was it for Bloomberg to wear a clown-sized tie? It seems he could have reprised the dummy sitting on the lawyer's lap selection from "Chicago," sitting on Sigourney's lap. It would have fit neatly into the flashback format of the evening.


I wasn't bothered by the word "gay" not being said, I was just alluding to the fact that all the other times NPH hosted it seemed like "gay marriage" or "gay Super Bowl" were bandied about as well as the regular tossing about of double entendres.

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