Jane Lynch Has Breakout Role Playing a Lesbian in "Best in Show" (September 19, 2000)
A Long Overdue Return Visit to Provincetown

Hot Bodies ... Refreshed by Cool, Clean Water

Take a break from the broiler that is summer by immersing yourself in these cool images of water refreshing a lineup of hot male bodies ...


Actor Chris Evans looks a bit like Hugh Jackman here, so it's a win-win ...




Matt Kemp, star player for the LA Dodgers, vying for the title of Sexiest Ballplayer with Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins ...






Magazine ad for DK Men Unleaded cologne, which I believe was discontinued back in 2003 ...




Another print ad, this one for Versace mens briefs (circa 1995).  As we know, underwear models take their job so seriously that they refuse to get naked even in the shower ...




From a photo spread of Jason Statham in Men's Health Magazine from about five years ago ...




Here's an ad from the mid-1990s, saved from the pages of the defunct HX Magazine for the defunct Sound Factory Bar in Chelsea.




This photo from Next Magazine was part of a photo spread about life in the Pines, which is always enhanced by an outdoor shower ... especially if you're on the deck watching ...




You can tell this photo is from the 1980s because the model is not overly muscular.  It's also probably from GQ.  The "tell" is the slight limp wrist, a signal by a skittish GQ, acknowledging its gay readers. 




Somewhat of a Joe Manganiello thing going on here, circa 1994 ...




Hot fun in the summertime ... the ever popular hose in the pants shooting up a suggestive spray of water.  Sexy boys will be sexy boys ...




Not cooled down yet?  Here is an earlier post with the same refreshing theme ... Sexy Men, Soaking Wet .


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