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When a Gay Bar Gouge Patrons - $10 Cover at the Monster!

Monster_barAs we all know, the 4th of July fell on Thursday this year (2013), so on Wednesday night I decided to have a vodka martini (dirty) at my neighborhood bar, the Monster, on Grove St. in the West Village.  When I got there I was floored to discover they had a $10 cover - no wonder the place was relatively empty.  They already charge an eight-dollar cover on Fridays and Saturdays (in 2017 it would rise to $10 as well), but this was simple price gouging as far as I was concerned.  I turned around and went home (happily, just a two-minute walk).


Ten_dollar_billGranted, it was a holiday, but one that many gay men spend at Fire Island, the Jersey shore, etc., so it's not like the City is teeming with thirsty queens.  Does the Monster think it's a "destination" spot for gay men who will blithely hand over an Alexander Hamilton?  Believe me, we're not talking about a bar that exactly draws the A-List.  To its credit, the Monster's been around 30+ years, no mean feat - but it shows.  And there's nothing sadder than a bar that's losing business and feels it has to steadily raise prices, thereby penalizing (and alienating) loyal patrons.   (However, I must add that for Saturday night's "Manster at Monster" event, the cover charge is waved if you know password, which is found on the bar's Facebook page).      


Perhaps a high cover charge keeps some of the riff-raff that's begun to plague the Village from coming to the bar, but it may also dissuade others that don't think the bar is "all that" anyway.


Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.





Tom Grasso

An outrage!!! lol

But seriously, it is. The first thing I thought of was... tourists. Maybe TPTB at the Monster were hoping to snare unsuspecting tourists into their little money trap.


Im sure of it. I was just annoyed because I got myself all prettyfor nothing! If I was the enterprising sort Id get in touch with the owner and suggestpricing for neighborhood regulars, akin to beach permits.

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