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Hello, I was at a party in Key West ....mid 90's,,,a group of ppl at the party...they had returned from NYC, telling everyone about the party they went to...a closing of a popular club, 24 hour closing party, a one word name of the club and a very liberal club are my only clues.
Thank you...a bit of trivia here.


Hey there, it sounds like you didn't spend much time on the UWS, but I was wondering if you remember a huge gay clothing store where they also had gay magazines and such? It was on Amsterdam Avenue around 75th Street, and I can't remember its name. I would say it was near The Candle? Maybe a bit south of it?


Hi Bill, perhaps you're thinking of either the Loft or All-American Boy?


Does anyone remember Walters on 43rd across from Times Square Hotel?

John O'Keefe

Hello Rob,Great review of the Gay bars. I have frequented most of them. I loved Uncle Charlies since I was a preppy type. Always wore crewneck sweater,buttondown shirt,faded jeans,white socks and shiney Bass Weejun penny loafers with pennies. Still dress the same and now go to the Townhouse and Eagle.

R.P. Tordgaard

Thanks to Miguel for posting the name of the Candlelight (although I think it was in the 70s). - I was trying to recall the name. The lady bartender was named Mo back in the days when I'd stopped in. Nearby was the Lighthouse (bartenders Dennis and Paul) and - later - came the Piccadilly run by Nefty (with the very popular bartenderTony C. who would relocate to the Eagle's Nest). This was all back in the 60s and into the early 70s.

My first bar was the Blue Bunny which I found not far off Times Square because there was a "Raided Premises" sign in the window. Mayor Wagner used to have the NYPD raid all the gay bars during election years to make himself look good to the voters.

jose lusi fernandez

I used to live in an appartment just beside the LAST CALL, was fun but a little boring. It was there where I learnt how to hustle, the line dance of course, it was 1975

jose lusi fernandez

Bob, you are defenitely younger than me. I arrived in NYC on November 1969. The first gay bar I went to it was called THE YUKON, 53rd st and Lexington, just in front of the CITICORP BUILDING which didnt exist at the time.It was ery cosy and extremely friendly, I was very young and there I met a Swedish boy about my age, we never had sex but became good friends, I wonder if he is still alive and his whereabouts. Anothar bar was THE MENINSHA catering for mature crowd but very pleasant, 57th st, and Lexington. An adorable elegant gay bar was the CANDY STORE, Six Avenue and 58th street, close to my place. Young actors to be, used to perform parts of the current broadway plays. And last but not least the disco LE JARDIN somewhere in the 50ths and lexington, six floors of fun, soon closed by the police or whoever closed it. It was the precursor of STUDIO 54. NYC wasnt that bad in the seventies as some pretend it was


i love reading about the bars in Manhattan, in the 70's there were quite a few in midtown manhattan... the Menemsha on 57th street and Lexington, the Yukon on 53rd and lex, the GH club on 53rd and 1st, the regency east on 58th and 3rd... Johnny's pub on 47th off 3rd ave, the restaurant the Mayfair and La Stanza on first and 53rd street.... so many wonderful memories of New York... wild parties outside of the bars on 1st ave during the black out in 1978 i think... everybody hot and heavy as it was summertime... boy i am glad i lived those moments ...

luc dyrkac

You do not seem to mention the Zoo disco after hours club were the cast of The Band partied in the dark room or the Barn on top of J's. I met many well known actors n writers at both.


Hmmm, never heard of it. The only Zoo disco I know is the one in the movie "Thank God It's Friday"!


I miss my first bar in 1991 called Rounds. I was in my 20s and I went there for some CASH and I love the older men coming it. I loved Townhouse too. I always go to bars where I can find men older than me.


Nice collection of bars that I recall. I came out to the ny bars around 1975 and i was 17. The drinking age back then was 18 and it was easier to get into bars underage. I was too nervious to venture to ny at first on my own and found it easier to go to gay bars in other cities....in Phil. I met some guys who then came up to new to visit and took me out to my first nyc gay bars.
The first was Julius, then the Ninth Circle and then later that night they took me to the RamRod. All three became cornerstones of my early nyc bar life.
I have to say that your review of the Ninth says that it was mostly hustlers and their admirers which perhaps it might have evolved into that in the '80 I dont know about, but the '70's at the Ninth was a very ...(yikes whats the right word for hip,cool,glamrockish,juniorleather,smart,etc). I ended up starting most my nights there from 75-78.

Also to note I do not see mention of the W.20th to w22nd st bars , THE EAGLE AND THE SPIKE, that were popular that I was a regular at when I move into Chelsea in 1978 (when there was a bodgega at every conrner and no gourmet food stores). Yes it was a more manly crowd than the Uncle Charlies on Grenwich that opened in the late '70s....but I frequented both dressing preppy for UC's and jeans and black tees for the Eagle/Spike. One night me and my BF got our dress codes wrong and showed up at the Mineshaft in our preppyware and that did not go well at the door.
Sorry I can go on and on about the nyc bars in the 70's and that does not include the discos and clubs from Infinity to 54 to Garage to 12West.........
Ahhh those were the days.

Boris VonGruber

Yes ! I remember "LE BAR" on E. 53-rd Street in the heart of the male-hustler world ! It was around 1977-78 that I recall walking up and down the street between 2-nd and 3-rd avenues in tight designer jeans, leather jacket and pointy-toed boots...for attention ! I was only around 20 and not a hustla ! However, I was a sexy hottie and loved the attention ! I would get looks and whistles and propositions by men that then seemed so old (early to mid 40's ! Today, they are the "young" ones. I also do remember the proprietor of "Le Bar"...."B" for "Bernard." He was a nice guy and I dated the bartender Patrick for a while one Summer (c.1979) ? Back then, male-prostitution was more open and visible on that street and totally tolerated. I also remember going in ROUNDS and getting picked-up by other young hustlers and hit on and we would fool around in the men's room....while they were waiting for paying John's ! Those men were so hot and sexy....they had to be, it was play for pay, baby !


To: Herb....of course I remember Bernard from Le Bar on West 53-rd Street. It's me....Patrick (the bartender) from back in the gay, baby !


I was hanging out with my friends the night of 77 blackout. I had just split up with my first lover and was headed for a cocktail at a friend's apartment we narrowly missed getting stuck in the elevator when the city went totally dark. We walked to Uncle Charlie's restaurant and had dinner without light. After we walked to Camp David on 73rd and Lexington Ave. It was a party all night. Sammy the bartender was the cutest and the best. I went home that night with a black police officer, honest to God. A night to remember.


My favorite hangout in the 70s was Kellers.
I drank 7&7 and they cost a whopping $.75.
A quick trip across the street to the piers where you were lucky when you GOT lucky and didn't fall through the holes in the floor into the river.
Ahhh, good times.


Does anyone remember South Dakota on Third Avenue near 28th Street? I went there many times as it was my local bar in the early 80's and had a great bartender.


How about South Dakota on 3rd Avenue and Crisco Disco on I think West 15th Street


Dennis, wasn't the bar on Third Ave. called either Dakota or North Dakota? After it closed (in the late 80s?) Uncle Charlie's moved there from its original location about three blocks north (and on the east side of Third Ave.).


Rob, I am pretty sure it was South Dakota on Third Ave and 28/19th St. Uncles Charlie's was on Third Avenue and 38th St. and there was an Uncle Charlie's restaurant for awhile on Third Avenue around 35th St. I actually was a waiter and bartender at Uncle Charlies. I also worked 3-4 gay bars/clubs ending at Crisco Disco and when that closed i went back to office mgmt. What a change!!!~


Rob,sorry i meant Third Ave and 28/29th St.


Just found this site last week and already posted twice. Glad to see others remember bars like South Dakota, One Potato Two Potato and others


Danny's had a pool table. It was the first gay bar I was brought to in NYC in '79. It later became Harmony Video Store.
Bogart's had a gas lantern out front. I lived on E. 59th and 2nd while it was open. There was a hustler bar called
Cahoot's on East 53rd, and also Town & Country in the upper E. 50s, might still be there.


I was a naive 20 something from Grand Rapids, MI and somehow ended up at Cowboy Cowgirl with my host - Vinson du Pont III and his lover KiKi. Met the "owner" of Burger King there. Next night - Studio 54! Tore up NYC turf that year!

Does anyone here remember any of these people and what became of them?

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