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Patrick Riley

Correction: The Everard Baths was located on W. 28-th Street, just off Broadway. Not on 5-th Avenue.It was one of the oldest public baths in the city, dating from the 1920's. The fire of 1977 was widely publicized, but the place never moved to a different location either. It was closed for a few months after the fire and then reopened at the same location. It had a basement with huge Olympic-sized pool and two floors above and was very popular as a gay bathhouse from around 1975 to 1985.

James Whelander

I remember well all the bathhouses mentioned here,as i was a regular in them from 1980 until the city closed them all down in 1986.This article mentions (5) of the most popular ones in Manhattan. However, around 1981-82, in their heyday, there were no fewer than (12) gay men's baths operating in the city.....(11) in Manhattan and (1) in Flushing, Queens, i.e., The Barracks on W.42nd Times Sq.,The Beacon Baths in midtown, Mt.Morris baths on W.125th Harlem,The Wall Street Sauna on Maiden Lane in the financial district, The Christopher Street Baths,a tiny one,located in the basement of a residential building on Christopher Street,just off 7th Ave. South, and The Keller Baths,located atop the Keller Hotel on West Street,one block South of Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.Lastly, located in Flushing,Queens was the Northern Men's Sauna. This is gay men's bathhouse history in New York City from the 1970's right through 1986,whenthe city shuttered them all due to the AIDS crisis.

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