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Giving In to the Cult of Bearded Men

Duckdynastybeards Redsox.beardWatching last year's World Series I thought the bearded players from the Red Sox looked like the hillbillies from Duck Dynasty.  But I'm throwing up the white flag and surrendering to the trend.  The omnipresent beards all around has worn me down - yet, I must admit, a lot of guys sporting one look kinda hot.  I'm partial to those that are full and well groomed, not those that look like underbrush.  And bonus points go to those gents who compliment it with a good haircut.  I even find some of the bushier variety appealing.  However, a bushy beard with a big belly, a la Zach Galifianakas, is of no interest. 


As for me, I won't be jumping on the bandwagon simply because my facial hair grows at a snail's pace.  A mustache yes, maybe a goatee, but a beard would take months to grow - and by then the trend would probably be over.  But it's not a big deal since I have no earrings, piercings or tattoos either (nor do I use ChapStick) and I'm doing just fine.


Here are a baker's dozen of my bearded favorites:


  • From Hollywood, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman ...








  • Michael Lannan is the creator and executive co-producer of HBO's new gay series Looking.




  • The following two actors, Kellan Lutz and Richard Armitage, flew under my radar until just recently ...






  • Carlos Villanueva, a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, is one ballplayer who shows some style with his beard.  But it's his stylized mustache that really does the trick.  (For a gallery of more sexy baseball players double click here.)  Then there is adorable Sergio Romo, a relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, whose beard brings to mind Al Qaeda.  However, Romo's bubbly persona erases that association. 





  • And finally, some of the sexiest/hottest beards are, not surprisingly, sported by nameless models.  Here are five of them.


















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