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Rob, if you ever do a second edition, I have source books. I met Farley Granger at the Xerox copy place, that used to be on 7th Ave. He was with his bf at the time, pianist Van Zant. My late partner, Ron, had a tearoom experience with him as as well as Larry Kert. Ron also had a night with Leonard Whiting, Romeo of the Zefferilli "Romeo & Juliet."

For years, my biggest claim was Ina Balin's brother. She played opposite Elvis and helped the cause of Vietnamese children. Someone sent me Richard's email and I thought about contacting him, but it was about his daughter doing a bio of Ina. (Ina Balin's character steals Joanne Woodward away from Paul Newman in "From the Terrace.")

I have/had a sort-of relationship with a Hollywood "prince". He is very much alive and waiting for his memoirs to be published. He ain't no great looker. On the day of his third marriage, he sent his bride to have her hair done and we had "time together" in the Bank St. townhouse he rented. He no longer lives in NYC but I sometimes see him in his room at the Harvard Club when the wife decides NYC is boring or too cold. She is a Delano, as in Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Her trust fund is much larger than his. He was married to an Ochs Sulzberger (NY Times) and before that to a golddigger who wrestled the land under Neiman Marcus on Rodeo Drive away from him in the divorce. Katherine Hepburn babysat him and had an affair with his mother.

Dora Glasberg

Whether Valentino was gay is still not factually confirmed.

Some who claimed servicing him give dates and places when its proven he was elsewhere.

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