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Song Master

"Pretend You Don't See Her," a Jerry Vale hit about 1958.

Pretend you don't see her my heart
Although she is coming our way
Pretend you don't need her my heart
Just smile and pretend to be gay

"I Surrender Dear," recorded by Bing Crosby and others in the early 1930s.

I may seem proud, I may act gay,
It's just a pose, I'm not that way


I'm not familiar with either song - what great additions! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

Song Master

When I pretend I'm gay
I never feel that way
I'm only painting the clouds with sunshine
When I hold back a tear
To make a smile appear
I'm only painting the clouds with sunshine


Oh, the men will cheer the boys will shout
The ladies they will all turn out,
And we'll all feel gay
When Johnny comes marching home.

SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR, Duke Ellington (1939,
recorded in 1990 by that gay Johnny Mathis):

I want something to live for
Someone to make my life an adventurous dream
Oh, what wouldn't I give for
Someone who'd take my life and make it seem
Gay as they say it ought to be
Why can't I have love like that brought to me?

JAMBAYALA, Hank Williams (1952):

Cause tonight I'm gonna see my ma-chère-amie-oh
Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-oh
Son of-a-gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou

AM I BLUE, Ethel Waters (1929):

Am I blue you'd be too if each plan that you had done and fell through
There was a time I was your only one now I'm sad and lonely one I'm such lonely one
Was I gay till today now you're gone and we're through am I blue

AROUND THE WORLD, from "Around the World in 80 Days" (1957)

It might have been in County Down,
Or in New York, or gay Paree,
Or even London town.
No more will I go all around the world
For I have found my world in you.

I'LL BE SEEING YOU, Hildegarde (1938):

I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way

ON THE SENTIMENTAL SIDE, Billie Holiday (1938):

I should act gay
Laugh it off and say, farewell
Say it just didn't wear well
But I'm not that way


When the cat's away the mice will play
I don't say I will but still I may
I may be blue away from you
And then again I may be gay

THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY, Charles Aznavour (1973):

If we just close our eyes and dance around the floor
That gay old-fashioned way that makes me love you more

BUT BEAUTIFUL, Bing Crosby (1947):

Love is tearful or it's gay
It's a problem or it's play
It's heartache any way
But beautiful

STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE, Lanny Ross (1934):

Young and gay or old and gray,
Near to me or afar,
Night and day I pray
That you`ll always stay
As sweet as you are.

I'D RATHER STAY HOME, Kitty Wells (1956):

There's nothing to be glad about, since you went away
So what the use to get about pretending I'm gay
My tears are too real for smiles to conceal
I don't want to roam, I'd rather stay home


The last time I saw Paris,
Her heart was warm and gay.
I heard the laughter of her heart
In every street cafe.


Yesterdays, yesterdays
Days I knew as happy sweet
Sequestered days, olden days, golden days
Days of mad romance and love

Then gay youth was mine
Truth was mine
Joyous free and flaming life
forsooth was mine
Sad am I, glad am I
For today I'm dreaming of yesterdays


Wow, I just knew there were a lot more than what I turned up - thanks for these additions!

Song Master


"How to handle a woman?
There's a way," said the wise old man,
"A way known by ev'ry woman
Since the whole rigmarole began."
"Do I flatter her?" I begged him answer.
"Do I threaten or cajole or plead?
Do I brood or play the gay romancer?"
Said he, smiling: "No indeed.
How to handle a woman?
Mark me well, I will tell you, sir:
The way to handle a woman
Is to love her...simply love her...
Merely love her."

rab williams

thanks a great word wasted

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