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New York's Gay Pride Parade - A Celebration or An Ordeal?

MetroSource Magazine Celebrates Its 25th Year

Metrosource.logoMetrosource is a general interest magazine edited for the urbane gay male.  Published every other month, it competes for advertising dollars with Out, The Advocate and, to a lesser degree, Next (in New York).  Like Next, MetroSource is free, available largely at bars and restaurants in neighborhoods that cater to gay residents and tourists.  The publication covers entertainment, shopping, home design, travel and health/fitness.  The back of the magazine (comprising about one-quarter of an issue's total pages) has paid listings for local service providers such as accountants, doctors, lawyers, dentists, therapists, plastic surgeons, etc. - but no escorts (which is Next's bread and butter).  In its 25th year, MetroSource has been publishing longer than Next or Out and has outlived Genre, Instinct and HX (a competitor of Next).  The guiding force behind this enterprise for all these years has been owner and publisher, Rob Davis.


June/July 2015


Spring 2002


Aug/Sept 2008


MetroSource is a handsome publication edited with an affluent reader in mind (but because of its free distribution, who knows who actually picks it up and reads it).  Unlike Out and The Advocate, Metrosource devotes little coverage to "hard" news (no pun intended - or perhaps it was).  Of course, being a magazine targeted to gay men, every issue can be counted on to have some eye candy in its pages.


June/July 2008


Spring 2005




The magazine has three featured columnists, one of which, David Dean Bortrell, I think bears a striking resemblance to me - what do you think?



In addition to sexy men, the magazine also celebrates our female icons, including the likes of Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Kylie Minogue and Sarah Jessica Parker and her gal pals.









Dec/Jan 2004 issue (Sarah Jessica Parker looks peculiar, almost like it's an impersonator)


In closing, here's a gallery of more tantalizing covers and editorial pages ...


Summer 2003


Summer 2002


Feb/March 2002




Summer 2002


April/May 2005


April/May 2005


Summer 2004


Summer 2004


Feb/March 2002


Fall 2001


Spring 1998


Fall 1997




Frank Evans

Metrosource has always been a class act. Glad they are celebrating Silver Anni

Frank Evans

Frank Evans

Speaking of class acts, ZeitGayst is right up there with the best.
Frank Evans

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