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The Scent of a Man ... in Advertising

Doritos.maninbedThe funny thing about advertising is how much of it gets my attention despite the fact that I'm rarely in the market for the products being advertised.  But, like a dog who stops everything whenever a squirrel is around, I do the same whenever a bare-chested man comes into my field of vision on the screen or printed page.  Like the ads that follow ...




This hunk's stunned expression in this TV ad comes after his wife tells him that he's using Summer's Eve Body Wash.


Manhunt billboard
This traffic-stopping billboard in Greenwich Village's Sheridan Square back in 2009 is for Manhunt's mobile app.


Breath Savers
It looks like blondie is ready to make the best of an awkward situation, thanks to Breath Savers


This is recruitment ad for the US Army is from a telephone kiosk in Greenwich Village.


This ad for Garnier conditioner from the early 2000s has a European feel to it. (As for me, whenever I pull a guy's hair I tend to tug on the hair at the nape of his neck.)


Leftovers poster with Justin Theroux
Tune-in ad in a subway station for the HBO drama "The Leftovers", starring sexy Justin Theroux (pictured).


Trainer Stefano Pinto served as spokesman in this 2012 ad for Voskos yogurt.


I'm guessing that his front is as  impressive as his back ...


New York-New York Hotel
Magazine ad for the NewYork-NewYork Hotel in Las Vegas.


1988 ad for Interface skin care's line of products for men.


Poster for the 1992 revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire" starring hirsute Alec Baldwin as Stanley Kowalski.


This is an ad for a construction company in northern India, Gaursons India Limited.  I came across it in a magazine in my hotel during a business trip to London about ten years ago.


From a 2015 TV commercial for Degree Dryspray for Men.



This ad for Liquid Plumr serves as an oasis for housewives bombarded by ads during Daytime TV for pharmaceuticals, burial insurance and lawyers.



Now for some reader participation, write your own scenario ...



Zippity do dah!


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