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Tears Over the Death of Princess Diana (August 31, 1997)

Princess Diana's life was cut tragically short when she was killed in an auto accident in Paris late Saturday night on Aug. 31, 1997.  She was only 36 years old.  And although we're not British subjects, her death cast a pall over Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.  Indeed, grief over Diana's death reverberated throughout the world.




Diana was especially beloved by the gay community because of her AIDS charity work.  Ten years before her death she visited a newly opened shelter for gay men with AIDS and shook their hands - the first high profile celebrity not afraid to touch AIDS victims.  She further endeared herself to gay men because of her sense of style and the ability to rise above the adversity she encountered while married to Prince Charles.




The Pet Shop Boys wrote a beautiful, dirge-like song (with a beat) called Dreaming of the Queen.  It tells of a dream in which Queen Elizabeth and Diana discuss, over a spot of tea, the futility of love.  It was from PSB's album Very which was released four years before Diana's death.  In 2000 I saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert at Radio City Music Hall where I saw them perform this song.  Behind them on stage was a video showing the hearse bearing Diana's coffin, its windshield wipers famously working overtime to clear flowers thrown by the millions along the funeral route.   




(I was spending Labor Day weekend out in Fire Island when I heard the news about Diana's death.  I've written a blog post about what I remember of that night on my history blog "History As You Experienced It".)


Gay-Themed "Moonlight" Wins Best Picture at 2017 Academy Awards After "La La Land" Mix Up

Best picture mistake


At the beginning of February the Super Bowl became one for the ages when it became the first to go into overtime.  Then three weeks later the "gay Super Bowl", i.e., the Academy Awards, had an equally memorable ending when the wrong Best Picture winner was announced.  The actual winner, Moonlight, became the first movie with a gay main character to win Best Picture (and its all-black cast was also a first for a Best Picture winner).  However, it had to wait a few minutes before the cast could bask in glory because La La Land was first announced as the winner.  It somehow seemed fitting that "drama" would surround a gay-themed movie.  Below you'll find my observations about the rest of the telecast:


 Oscars billboard


A Parade of Dashing Presenters ...


The rock at 2017 Academy Awards
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson


Gael bernal garcia
Gael Garcia Bernal (with Hailee Steinfield)


Riz ahmed
Riz Ahmed


Dashing vince vaughn
Vince Vaughn


And the Dashing Members of the Audience ...


Andrew garfield
Andrew Garfield


Best supporting actor
Mahershala Ali


Emma stone and viola davis husband
Viola Davis's husband, Julius Tennon and Emma Stone


Ryan gosling
Ryan Gosling during Emma Stone's acceptance speech (with actress Ruth Negga in background).


  • Granted, the telecast was slow moving but I think we can all agree that the various stage sets were beautiful to behold.


Leslie mann and john cho

 Hidden figures

 Oscar stage

 Salma hayek

 Jimmy kimmel

 2017 academy awards stage


  • Emma Stone's younger brother, Spencer, looked cute in a hamster/chipmunk-like way.


Emma stone brother spencer


  • Denzel did not look pleased after not winning for Best Actor, perhaps because he had a fiery acceptance speech planned whereas winner Casey Affleck seemed to be still in character from Manchester by the Sea, with his halting, uninspiring acceptance speech.


This camera shot was immediately after Casey Affleck complimented Washington, saying that he had honed his acting skills by watching his past performances.


  • Although it was emotion-filled, Viola Davis' acceptance speech after winning for Best Supporting Actress was oddly joyless.


Viola davis acceptance speech 2017 oscars 


  • However, she did manage to crack a smile later ...


Viola davis and husband


  • I love him to death, but isn't Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton" patter getting a bit tired?


Lin manuel miranda


  • The opening with Justin Timberlake boogying his way through the audience left me cold - was this the opening of the Grammy's?  How did they get everyone in the audience so jazzed?  And although his song, Can't Stop the Feeling, was a Best Song nominee, what about the mash-up with Lovely Day (a Bill Withers song).


Justin timberlake 2017 academy awards


  • The singer of the nominated song from Moana, Auli'i Cravalho, was slightly grazed by one of the huge flags being waved behind her, but she maintained her poise.  Although the song didn't win, hers was the best performance as John Legend's voice was weak and pitchy when he sang the two nominated songs from La La Land.  



 Aulii Cravalho


  • I liked Scarlett Johansson's coiff, which was a mash-up of New Wave and old Hollywood glamour.

. Scarlett johansson 2017 oscars


  • For the third year in a row Chris Evans was a presenter and continued his Oscar tradition of having the same look..


2017 oscars


Chris evans 2016


Chris evans 2015


  • Besides the acceptance speeches made after Moonlight won its awards, the only other gay moment I recall was when Byron Howard, a co-director for Best Animated Film, Zootopia, gave a quick shout out to his husband, Shepherd, as the orchestra began playing.


Zootopia byron howard


  • I was amused by the running gag of animosity between host Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, especially when the music started playing whenever Damon would speak.


Matt damon


Ben afflect and guest


  • The necklace worn by Alicia Vikander (Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl in 2016) was lovely.







































Why Aren't Heterosexuals Designated as SWSMBTQ?

Puzzled man


I scratch my head over the acronym LGBTQ because, like an "Everything" bagel, it seems to have all sorts of conditions attached to it.  "Straight", however, is left unadulterated.  In our era of political correctness how have heterosexuals escaped being referred to as SWSM?  And which governing body had the power to change the simple descriptor of "Gay" to alphabet soup?  For instance, why is, 'B' (bi-sexual) and 'Q' (questioning), part of LGBTQ, but not Straight?  After all, these letters indicate a person is uncertain, so shouldn't they fall into both sexual orientation camps?


Everything bagel


And as far as the 'T' (transsexual) is concerned, why is it attached only to LGBTQ - or not given its own standalone designation?  As I understand it, if a person transitions to the other gender, the gender they're attracted to doesn't also flip (going on the assumption that sexual orientation isn't a choice).  So, shouldn't hetero Tommy, whose girlfriend is hetero Sally, now be considered gay when he transitions to Tammy?  (Unless pre-transition Tommy was closeted and decided that becoming a woman was easier than coming out - Caitlyn Jenner, anyone?)  Likewise, when gay Greg, whose boyfriend is Esteban, transitions to Gerta, isn't she now straight?




It just seems that "the gays" get all of the baggage beyond "Gay" because the Heterosexual Establishment, like the Aryan Nation, wants to remain "pure"; therefore, any deviation from the norm must be part of the "other", i.e. Homosexuals.  How about we make a deal?  We'll continue to shoulder the grill-work of LGBTQ if heteros adopt the moniker SWSMBTQ.  Discuss.





























Caitlyn Jenner Confronts A Reality Star's Biggest Fear - Viewer Apathy

Caitlyn.jenner2Caitlyn Jenner is unhappy.  Only 750,000 viewers tuned in for the first episode of the second season of her E! reality show I Am Cait.  Last summer the show debuted to an audience of 2.5 million, but by the end of the season it was drawing half that number.  After Diane Sawyer's interview with Jenner drew an audience of 17 million last May and her pin-up girl Vanity Fair cover attracted worldwide attention, she probably expected the public's fascination to continue unabated.  But was it fascination or just rubber necking?  She blamed the E! network for not promoting her show enough, but perhaps the public's attention has been scattered by the oversaturation of shows about transgendered individuals.  Or perhaps she should blame Donald Trump's political campaign for diverting the public's attention.


Caitlyn.jennerAn apathetic public is anathema to a reality star.  In their mind, criticism, even ridicule, is preferred over a lack of interest.  In Caitlyn's case it appears that her biggest challenge isn't acceptance by the public but, rather, their dwindling interest.  Her unhappiness belies her boasting that her transition is a personal journey.   It's as if she feels we have an obligation to go on the journey with her.  (However, she still has six million followers on Instagram, and 3.8 million on Twitter.)  Yet, for a population estimated at less than 1 million, there's been an overload of media coverage about the transgender experience, e.g., The Netflix show Transparent, Laverne Cox on Orange is the New Black, and her appearance on the cover of TIME Magazine, the reality series Becoming Us on ABC Family and I Am Jazz on TLC, and the Oscar-nominated movie The Danish Girl.  Who knows, because of her need for attention, perhaps Jenner will decide to go back to being a he just for the headlines it would create.


Bruce.caitlyn.jennerAnd then there's the issue of Cait's sexual orientation.  Living as Bruce she claim's he was straight, and now as a woman she wants us to believe that she continues to be heterosexual.  I'm not buying it.  Sexual orientation doesn't simply change because of hormone treatment, some reconstructive surgery, changing into a dress and wearing makeup.  She should still retain Bruce's  attraction to women, and, therefore, now be a lesbian.  Speculation, however, is that Bruce was closeted and his homophobia ran so deep that he went the transgendered route so that he could be with a man.  And although she wants to be treated like a "normal" woman, what normal woman has a penis?  If she actually was a heterosexual male in her former life how is she planning to deal with a man's heterosexual urges?  Now, that would be very interesting to watch!






2016 Academy Awards - #OscarsSoTedious

Chris.rock.2016oscarhostThe show was tedious, the "not enough black representation in Hollywood" guilt trip tested my patience, Chris Rock's nervous laugh after each of his quips was annoying, and Lady Gaga's overwrought performance of the song from the movie about campus rape (which few saw) had me rolling my eyes.  However, despite this litany of annoyances, there were bright spots.  And, the world demands gay commentary about our Super Bowl (even if it's a week late - but a true connoisseur of the Oscars needs time for contemplation).






It appears Brie Larson might be reacting to a photo of puppies, but this was her reaction to the the opening monologue.


Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra


Leo, laughing and scrubbed clean.
It was refreshing to catch Mark Ruffalo laughing (something his onscreen roles rarely call for).  Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra was still giggling in the background.


Not everyone was amused.  Chadwick Boseman (who's portrayed Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens) was shown on camera a number of times and he was never smiling.




Mr. Snazzy Hat


Mr. Cleavage


Mr. Contemplative


Mr. Hoodie


Mr. Jock




This was a great bit of acting by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, who kept their humiliation over the idiotic patter they had to read from the cue cards undetected.


Sarah Silverman looked like linebacker ... or Margaret Dumont. Never a class act, what she talked about was on par with the maturity level of recent Republican debates.


I'm sure the movie studio that distributed "Room" was thrilled by Sacha Baron Cohen's crass commentary (thru his 'Ali G' character) that had nothing to do with the movie clip that followed.




In a sweet moment, Bree Larson immediately turned around and hugged her co-star upon winning the Oscar for Best Actress for "Room"




As Brie Larson pointed out in her acceptance speech, Jacob was her partner in the movie and Alex Greenfeld (who reminds me of Adam Scott) is her partner in real life.




Common and John Legend
Jacob Tremblay and Abraham Attah
Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith
Pato Escala and Gabriel Osorio Vargas from Chile were winners of Best Animated Short for "Bear Story".
Perhaps more sexy than cute were South Korean movie star, Lee Byung-hun, and Sofia Vergara, who announced the winner of Best Foreign Film.




Kate Winslet looked more like a weary housewife from Tarzana than Hollywood royalty.


One the male side, Dev Patel was the most unkempt at the podium.











OOPS ...


In announcing "Son of Saul" as winner of Best Foreign Film, Sofia Vergara pronounced Saul as "Sa-ool". (Just like she'd do on "Modern Family".)





Chris Evans - 2016 Academy Awards
And, I kid you not, at 2015's ceremony









Kohl's aired at least four different commercials, each depicting a pleasant family moment (in this one big brother lets little sister have the front seat) and the grateful reaction, in which the family member reacts as if they've just won an Oscar, with an actual past Oscar acceptance speech dubbed in.




Pharrell Williams




Although I liked Sam Smith's nominated song, I was hoping "Earned It" by The Weeknd would win the Oscar for Best Song.
Sam Smith has a great voice, but he needs to work on his tentative stage presence. His new hairstyle brought to mind George Michael, which is what Chris Rock alluded to when he commented that the George Michael hit "Father Figure" was a favorite of his.




Best Costume Design Oscar winner - Jenny Bevan for "Mad Max: Fury Road"


Mrs. Patmore from "Downton Abbey"


And for recaps from previous Academy Awards ...





HIV Versus CTE: Reflecting On a Double Standard In Compassion

CTE When AIDS was running rampant through the gay male population during the 1980s, the sentiment of the general public and government officials was largely one of "blame the victim" when it came to providing help or attention to those stricken.  "Why spend tax-payers dollars to help individuals who brought the disease on themselves?"; "They deserve what they got"; and "It's God's divine retribution for their immorality" were some of the common, uncaring responses.  Thirty years later I find myself thinking of those homophobic responses when reading about CTE, the degenerative neurological condition some players in the NFL have developed after years of sustaining concussions during games.  Because the affliction affects the world of football, which is arguably the national religion of the US, this condition has generated considerable attention - and compassion.  In contrast to the contempt gay men with AIDS encountered, few with CTE are pilloried for "getting what they deserve".  And, of course, no one would think of pointing fingers at the parents of players who enthusiastically supported their sons' activities since childhood.  I'm not suggesting these players should be shunned or not treated, it's just sobering to witness the contrast in the responses - pariahs vs. fallen heroes.  

A Tale of Two Movies Named "Stonewall"

Stonewall2015.poster Stonewall1995.posterIn September of this year the movie Stonewall opened amid controversy, poor reviews and very minimal box office (grossing less than $200,000).  A generation earlier another movie called Stonewall was released in 1996 (poster, near right) that, curiously, was never mentioned in articles about this year's movie.  Both were fictionalized accounts of real-life events that revolved around a  young, white Midwestern boy, new to New York, who ends up participating in the Stonewall riot alongside new-found friends, who were largely transgendered or drag queens.  Each film also had gay directors.  The earlier Stonewall grossed $616,000, or $1.2 million adjusted for inflation, six times greater than Stonewall 2015.  Additionally, Rotten Tomatoes' score for the 1996 version was 63% while this year's scored an abysmal 9%.



"Stonewall" 2015's protagonist, Danny Winters


"Stonewall" 1995's protagonist, Matty Dean


What I remember most about the first Stonewall was its opening, with three draq queens lip-synching to the '60s song "Boy From New York City"; also, there was a dramatic suicide later in the film.  (And one of the extras in a protest scene was someone I had a few dates with.)


Differences between the two movies?  The earlier one was shot on location while this year's was shot in Montreal due to cost considerations (but it still cost $20 million to make).  This year's was steeped in controversy because, in the hyper-politically correct era we live in, its characters didn't represent exactly the ethnic mix that was found at Stonewall in 1969.  The 1996 movie, however, had no backlash that I can recall.  My issue was that the buffed physique of the lead misrepresented the non-gym physiques of gay men of the '60s. 


Guillermo.diaz.as.lamiranda. Guillermo.diaz.scandalOne of the main characters of the '96 movie, La Miranda, was 20-year-old Guillermo Diaz, now known for his role on ABC's Scandal.  La Miranda was a gay man who defiantly walked around in drag, and who Matty Dean fell in love with.  Another known character actor was Luis Guzman, who played a bartender at Stonewall.  The two best-known actors in Stonewall 2015 were Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Ron Perlman.



Stonewall riot scene, 1996 movie


Stonewall riot scene, 2015 movie



New York's Gay Pride Parade - A Celebration or An Ordeal?




New York's Gay Pride Day Parade, which falls on the last Sunday in June, is the culmination of Gay Pride Week.  Its colorful floats and enthusiastic marchers display an array of LGBT interests; nearly every aspect of life is represented with a rainbow twist.  But while the parade is a wonderful event, for those of us who live in the West Village it's a one-day ordeal that sorely tests our patience.  Once the parade squeezes itself into the heart of the Village the neighborhood serves as a dumping grounds for thousands of crass, loud and disruptive parade goers, many who treat the neighborhood as a public toilet or a staging area for acting out personal drama.




Celebrants who descend upon the beleaguered area congregate around Christopher, Grove and Bleecker Streets and show little regard for those who live there.  When I had a summer share on Fire Island I made sure to be out there on this final weekend in June.  The few times I stayed in town I felt like a prisoner in my apartment, and if I went to the parade it was a challenge getting back to my place because of barricades, blocked streets and the mass of humanity.  I'm happy when it rains on this day.  (Last year I visited my mother in Pittsburgh and I'll be doing the same this year.)


Don't get me wrong, watching the parade on Fifth Avenue is a fun experience, but those who march are largely different from the masses who inflict themselves upon the West Village afterwards.  While a sense of pride emanates from the marchers, a passive-aggressive hostility characterizes those who loiter in the Village, waiting to be challenged for blocking doorways, vomiting on sidewalks or screaming with friends in the middle of streets.  For the most part they seem to be from the lower social strata, and their incongruence with the neighborhood has become more noticeable in the past ten years as it has been transformed by luxury condos and pricey boutiques - and, ironically, fewer LGBT residents.  (In other words, this is not their father's Greenwich Village.)




Those who congregate on the stoops of brownstones and block sidewalks are similar to those who regularly flock to the Village on other nights, but on Gay Pride Sunday there are thousands more.  What's troubling is that rather than appreciate the Village for serving as a refuge from their intolerant neighborhoods in places like the Bronx or Newark, they disrespect it by flouting the norms of civility with their shrieking, scuffling and disruption of traffic and businesses.  Some activists who defend the rights of these young people to "hang out" usually don't live here and therefore don't witness first hand the problems they create.  And what is viewed as police harassment is likely a reaction to bad behavior.  Lastly, just because these unruly kids are gay doesn't mean gay Villagers turn a blind eye to their bad behavior - no matter how disadvantaged they may be.    



New York Mets Embroiled In Another Gay Controversy




Earlier this week (in March 2015) New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy let it be known that he "disagrees" with the gay lifestyle.  This isn't the first time the Mets have been thrust into the glare of controversy over the subject of homosexuality.  In 1999 Atlanta Braves relief pitcher John Rocker made homophobic comments about New Yorkers in an interview in Sports Illustrated.  He confided that he'd never want to play for a New York team because of his experience riding the 7 subway to Shea Stadium, where he found himself sitting next to "some queer with AIDS, a dude next to him who just got out of jail for the fourth time, next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids."  Then in 2002 catcher Mike Piazza called a press conference to dispel rumors that he was gay.  This happened shortly after Mets manager Bobby Valentine said in a magazine interview that he expected a player to come out shortly (we're still waiting).


Murphy's comments came after the Mets hired Billy Bean, a ballplayer from the 1990s who's now openly gay, as Major League Baseball's first "ambassador of inclusion".   Specifically, here is what Murphy said:




As I see it, saying that he disagrees with the lifestyle of individuals created by God strongly suggests Murphy questions God's wisdom.  Hardly a trait of someone described as "devout" - unenlightened would be a better descriptor.  I suppose he also "disagrees" with the "lifestyle" of pork eaters; those who mix meat and dairy (e.g., eating a cheeseburger); have sex with a menstruating woman; work on the Sabbath; or who aren't circumcised - all activities proscribed in the Bible.  This brings to mind some of conservative bishops who have voiced dissent over Pope Francis's messages of inclusion.  Since the pope is the conduit of God, shouldn't these apostates be banished?  I'm also reminded of the homophobic teammate in the Broadway drama Take Me Out from the early 2000s.




I'd like to know what in particular Murphy finds so "disagreeable" about the gay "lifestyle".  Is it singing show tunes, having a love of the arts, dancing ability, our witty repartee and bon mots, possessing good taste?  Perhaps it's the courage to live one's life as it was meant to be and not cower in fear or shame?  Or is Murphy's message an attempt to conceal his own homoerotic desires?  After all, Christians who are in the public eye expressing righteous indignation as a way to provide cover for their own desires have become a cliche. 


Although I respect Murphy for saying what he believes I'm a bit disappointed that Billy Bean (pictured below), was so accommodating to him.  (He says he'd like to have further discussions with Murphy in the hopes of "enlightening" him - that reads like a premise for a porn movie to me!)  However, chances are Mets management asked Bean to respond in a conciliatory fashion since they'd rather alienate gay fans than their Christian fan base, which is probably far larger, especially in cities such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Houston.  But give the Mets credit for hiring Bean in the first place.





Gaydom's Basket of Deplorables

Chrishughes.newrepublicAt the end of 2014, Chris Hughes, millionaire owner of the New Republic (and a co-founder of Facebook), generated a torrent of bad press when he announced significant changes at the revered political publication (made with a digital future in mind).  This resulted in mass staff resignations and recriminations.  Hughes is just one of many accomplished LGBT personalities knocked off their pedestal, at least temporarily, by their words, actions or overbearing personality.  Perhaps because we view openly-gay persons who are in the public eye as an inspiration (or at least I do), it stings more when they stumble than when straight movers and shakers slip up.  What follows is a list of others who have trip, stumbled and fallen ...




  • Milo Yiannopoulos - The homosexual version of the loathsome Ann Coulter, both having built their careers by spewing invective.  However, he's not nearly the threat ultra-liberals believe him to be; he's just a silly queen/media whore.  I don't believe that he has any deep political convictions, he just knows how to bait those who are hyper-sensitive, and reap the attention from their shock.  These reactions are his oxygen, without them he wouldn't survive. 


Milo yiannopoulos


  • Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana - The famed Italian design duo, known for their sizzling fashion ads featuring European soccer and rugby players, were excoriated by every gay celeb under the sun after declaring that children born through in vitro fertilization were "children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteruses for rent, semen chosen from a catalog."




  • Don Lemon - CNN anchor who the Columbia Journalism Review chose as the worst journalist in 2014 because of his many on-air gaffes and “cringe-worthy blunders.”




  • Richard Chamberlain - In a 2010 interview in the Advocate the actor, now 80, advised gay leading-type actors to stay in the closet.




  • Michelle Shocked - The folk singer made somewhat incoherent anti-gay remarks during a 2013 concert at a San Francisco coffee house.  Once claiming to be a lesbian, she became a born-again Christian, which began her conversion to homophobe.




  • Quentin Crisp - A British writer and gadabout, Crisp wasn't supportive of gay rights and claimed that being gay was a disease.  Perhaps it was a generational thing.  He died in 1999 one month shy of his 91st birthday.




  • John Galliano - His drunken, anti-Semitic tirade in a Paris bar in 2011 got him canned from his position as fashion director at Christian Dior.




  • Karl Lagerfeld - The German fashion designer who  spoke out against same-sex marriage as well as men raising children - but has no problem with lesbians raising kids.  (Update: Lagerfeld died in Feb. 2019 at the age of 85.)




  • Sam Adams - Former mayor of Portland, Oregon, he became embroiled in controversy when it was revealed he had a relationship with an underage man (17-year-old Beau Breedlove, 24 years his junior).  Eyes rolled when Adams claimed the two waited until Breedlove turned 18 to have sex.





  • Andy Cohen - Shame on Cohen for blighting the TV landscape with the noxious “Housewives of …” reality series on Bravo that he produces.  Celebrating toxic, vulgar personalities and their anti-social behavior, these dreadful people became the worst kind of role models (i.e., if you want to become famous this is how you act). With a steady dose of this show, the casts' ugly displays seemed less shocking to viewers.  And now we have Donald Trump as president.  Not so amusing anymore is it?  (Update: In 2019 Cohen became a father through a surrogate.)


Andy cohen  


  • Elton John - Having done so much fund-raising for AIDS charities, it came as a shock when it was reported that he performed at Rush Limbaugh's 2010 wedding and was paid $1 million for his apostasy.  Then two years later at the Golden Globes he was ridiculed for his petulant response after losing to Madonna for Best Song in a Movie.  An even earlier controversy had him performing with homophobic Eminem at the 2001 Grammys.  Ironically, five years after his wedding performance Sir Elton was one of those who shouted loudest after Dolce & Gabbana made their controversial comment about children born thru in vitro fertilization.




  • Boy George - He was arrested for keeping a male escort imprisoned in his London flat in 2007; ended up spending 15 months in jail.




  • Andrew Sullivan - An early proponent of gay marriage when he was editor of the New Republic, he sullied his reputation in 2001 when it was disclosed that, despite the fact he was HIV+, he searched chat rooms seeking partners for barebacking.




  • George Michael - The gifted singer/songwriter was arrested for public indecency at a public bathroom in Beverly Hills in 1998 and then in 2006 an escapade at a London cruising spot was publicized (the fellow he tricked with reported that Michael was a great kisser).  Two years later he was busted in a public toilet in London for possession of crack.  And on another occasion he was found passed out in his car.  (Update: Michael died on Christmas Day 2016 at the age of 53.)




  • Jodie Foster - Until last year, when she kinda-sorta came out during the Golden Globes, Foster was a lightning rod for anger because of her refusal to come out publicly (to a lesser degree this was the case with Anderson Cooper as well).  Adding fuel to the fire was her continued friendship with Hollywood pariah Mel Gibson.




  • Richard Hatch - After the gay nudist won the first season of Survivor in 2000 he spent the first decade of the new century in and out of prison for tax evasion.  In the midst of all of this he appeared on a number of other reality shows and made an embarrassing cameo in 2006's Another Gay Movie.




  • Aaron Hicklin - Editor-in-chief of Out Magazine, he fired his editorial staff in the spring of 2012 with the intention of hiring them back as freelancers with no benefits or full-time salaries. 




  • Christine Quinn - This New York City politician angered many New Yorkers when she supported the overturning of term limits when Michael Bloomberg wanted to run for a third term as mayor.  She was also criticized for not fighting harder to save St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village.  (Voters got even when she finished a distant third in the Democratic primary for mayor in 2013 - and hasn't been heard from since.)




  • Paula Poundstone - In 2001 the comedian made headlines after she was arrested for child endangerment involving her three adoptive and two foster children.




  • Barney Frank - In the late 1980s the Massachusetts congressman had a relationship with a male prostitute who later, unbeknownst to Frank, was running an escort service out of his DC townhouse.  He also fixed 33 of the man's parking tickets.  This resulted in Frank being called before the House Ethics Committee where he was officially reprimanded but escaped censure.





  • Larry Kramer - His caustic personality alienates many (e.g., it got him exiled from GMHC, which he had helped found), but it's something he wears as a badge of honor.




  • Michael Lucas - Outspoken porn impresario who has alienated many with his strong political opinions in support of Israel, PrEP AIDS treatment and right-wing nut job Ann Coulter.




  • Rupert Everett - British actor who claims he would have had a more successful career if he had remained closeted.  Also had negative things to say about gay men raising children.  Bitter because he believes he's been ignored by Hollywood, the fact is he worked a lot in the 1990s.  It was his 2000 flop with Madonna, The Next Best Thing, that may have derailed his career.  (Perhaps Downton Abbey can cast him as a love interest for villainous Thomas?)  An article last summer on Queerty had the headline, "Self-Hating Gay Rupert Everett as Bitter as Ever."  




  • Rosie O'Donnell - First there was a nasty breach of contract lawsuit in 2003 between her and the publisher of her magazine Rosie (formerly McCall's); the judge in the case awarded no damages to either party.  Then in 2006 she had an idiotic dispute with Donald Trump.  Although she's entertaining and has a good heart, O'Donnell is like a bull in a china shop.




  • Perez Hilton - Although his blog is very popular, his obnoxious personality has regularly gotten him into hot water (e.g., he was roughed up by will.i.am outside a Toronto nightclub in in 2009).  It's said that any celebrity who's friendly with Hilton is doing so to protect himself/herself from his rumor-mongering.  However, over the past few years he's mellowed, perhaps because he's now raising a child.