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Although they had met several times before, my parents had their first offical "date" on December 7, 1941 which allowed my father to joke for the rest of his life that "Roosevelt wasn't kidding it was a day that would live in infamy". Both heard the news on the radio before meeting but I don't think it cast a pall so much as heightend excitement. As committed anti-facists (not to mention Jews) while not happy about the attack, they were heartened that the US was finally going to be committed to bringing down Hitler and his pals.
Fast forward sixty years and my mother, now in her 80s, has a direct window seat for to see the second plane hit and the towers fall on 9/11. She quickly let it be known that she had no tolerance for people who were choosing to leave the neighborhood temporarily (they were slightly beyond the evacuation zone) and doing what she called "hoarding" of groceries etc. It was as if the old wartime spirit had been reborn. Even so, when I asked her to compare Pearl Harbor and 9/11 she said "There weren't military vehicles on Hudson Street on Pearl Harbor Day".

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