Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes As Millions Watch (January 28, 1986)
Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up Over Texas (February 1, 2003)

"Nipplegate" - A Split Second of Titillation at the Super Bowl (February 1, 2004)





For the most part, I watch the Super Bowl for its commercials and the game but I usually don't stick around for the halftime show.  However, I have seen a few of them, e.g. Diana Ross leaving by helicopter after her performance in 1996; U2 performing in 2002 as the names of 9-11 victims were displayed on an electronic banner; Prince stoically prancing around in the rain in Super Bowl XXXI.  But halftime is usually when I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner or washing pots and pans.  And that's where l was when halftime festivities of Super Bowl XXXVIII began (Feb. 1, 2004).  Although I could hear Justin Timberlake singing his hit song Rock Your Body, I missed "the incident" when he aggressively exposed Janet Jackson's right breast to the night air - and to 90 million viewers nationwide.  In fact, I wasn't even aware of it happening until the next day when I went into the office and overheard the water cooler chatter.




Although Janet Jackson's career went into somewhat of tailspin after her "wardrobe malfunction" Timberlake's wasn't hurt one bit.  By the way, there was a football game played that evening as well, one with a thrilling ending.  After the Carolina Panthers tied the game with one minute left to play the New England Patriots won the game on a field goal with four seconds remaining. 






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all right, i remember this day, i thought this superbowl was the best ever, that mid time show was quite impressive!

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