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Although I don't exactly recall what I was doing that day, I do recall that Andy Warhol's death lead to a resurgence of interest in his work and his amazing collections (like his cookie jars). And I also recall walking to The Factory (on Union Square West) to further recall Warhol and his art group.

Frank Evans

Sometime in the summer of 1979 I was invited to "an end of the 70's" party. It was hosted by a wealthy NYU student who had rented (at least) the ground floor of an East 20's brownstone near Gramercy Park. We were asked to wear a costume which represented the 70's and I wore a leather jacket plus large carrot on a string around my neck and called myself "punk vegetarian" which I thought very witty, but no one else did. The only other costume I recall was a young woman who wore a lampshade on her head with dolls diving from the rim into the inside of the shade. She represented "You Light up my Light." Thinking back, there must have been a lot of faux leopard skin.

In addition to the usual array of drinks, there were yellow bottles of Rush in various spots in the still sun-filled/sunset lit parlor. Midway through the party, Andy Warhol arrived, chatted with a few people, did not drink alcohol or sniff the Rush and left. I knew absolutely no one there and kept chatting with the "You Light Up My Life" lampshade lady. No Liza, No Baryshnikov , no one snorting coke. But I had been at the same party as Andy Warhol.

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