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Teddy Roosevelt got shot mid-speech and still completed it. He's one of my favorite presidents :-P


I was a journalism student at the University of Florida that spring. I had gotten home from classes and turned on the tv to see the news on - earlier than usual so that got my attention. I always watched the ABC afiliate in Gainesville so ABC news anchor Frank Reynolds was on. I switched back and forth between him and Dan Rather on CBS. I remember Dan saying that it was believed that James Brady had died. When I switched back to ABC, I caught Frank Reynolds going into a meltdown because he did not want to say Brady was dead unless he could confirm the source. Good for him - it turned out Brady did not die! Talk about a lesson learned for a student journalist. Being first doesn't count if you get it wrong. I always had a lot of respect for Frank Reynolds and was never that impressed with Dan Rather as an anchor - he always did better as a reporter. I wasn't that shocked that Reagan got shot but I was surprised he survived. I was horrified when he was elected the previous fall.


Yes, and he spoke for 90 minutes (back in the day when men were men)!At the time (1912) he was no longer prez, he was a 3rd party candidate.

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