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I've seen Louis CK at many comedy clubs :) and I auditioned for his show. And Jerry Mitchell !!! - I danced in his choreo for the opening ceremony at the Gay Games at Columbia U.! As for Jesse Eisenberg, I've never spotted him but check out my jesse- related blog postings :)


I saw Andy Warhol many times. And I always had the same reaction: "Look there's some guy wearing an Andy Warhol mask!" During the 70s and 80s I would see him in the Flatiron district coming out of Max's Kansas City or in the Village walking with a gaggle of Japanese business men all dressed in lookalike black suits.

In the 80s I would see him on the Upper East Side, where I think he lived. One time I spotted him from behind, wearing a handpainted denim jacket with the likeness of Michael Jackson on it. I thought it was a guy wearing an Andy Warhol wig until I got up close to him.

I have many other memorable NYC celebrity sightings... bumped into Woody Allen many times; once bumped into and almost knocked down William Burroughs.

Another favorite was when I was looking in a shoe store window and noticed that the guy standing next to me looking in the window was Harrison Ford... we just looked at each other and smiled some kind of mutual recognition -- me recognizing him/him recognizing that I recognized him.

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