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Phil Conte

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I really enjoyed reading about each individual, all of whom I remember from my youth in the burgh. I guess I have Paul Shannon to blame for my life-long addiction to the Three Stooges. How about Hank Stohl?


Good heavens did this bring back a flood of memories. Two notables I'd add: Ed and Wendy King. Their radio show "Party Line" was particularly memorable during the Halloween season. I remember listening to their spooky stories after a night of trick-or-treating.

Thanks for the memories.


I was a big talk show fan back in the 80's. WTAE had a great lineup. Doug Hoerth, Lynn Cullen,Dimitri,etc.\
I got a lot work done around the house listening to them.
I was on Clark Race's local dance show. Often wondered if those tapes exist.


I was on Jr. High Quiz in March of 1972. You had to be in eighth grade to be on.

Bogie Fan

Lee Arthur is dead.


Oh my, how long ago did this happen?


There was a show on wtae in the early 1970's that televised a local fashion show.
It may have been called "High School Sewing Class". Does anyone remember this show or who may have been the host?

Paul Hearn

I remember meeting Ricki Wertz and her dog Copper when I was little and when I was six years old I saw Moe Howard standing outside of the Holiday House Night Club. I was with my grandmother shopping at the Miracle Mile Shopping Center across the William Penn Hiway. I yelled and waved and said "hello Moe". He waved and hollered back. He was old then. That was in 1959. During the Bushy Run Battlefield Park Bicentennial in 1963, I was dressed as a Mohawk Brave and was on the Don Reed King Show on KDKA TV. Does anybody remember him or Mr Wrinkle?

Aviva Radbord

Marie Torre died, in 1997, at the age of 73, NOT 84.
Lee Arthur died, from a brain tumor, in the same year.


Thanks for pointing out Marie Torre's age at the time of her death. It's been corrected.

Phil Conte

Great Stuff. I guess I have Paul Shannon to thank for my lifelong addiction to the stooges as well. And I am 70 years old. Helluva an addiction.

Mike McKay

What a nice run down of TV and Radio personalities! While from Ohio, I spent a lot of time in the 60's and 70's at my grandparents home near Beaver Falls. I met Paul Shannon once at at promo visit at a grocery store. I used to watch some of these programs, and the names are very familiar.
I am something of a radio buff, especially the history of broadcasting, which is why I've always had a warm spot for KDKA. One reason I am in broadcasting to this day in Ohio.
I will always remember my grandfather on the back porch listening to "my Pirates" and Bob Prince.
Thanks again.

Mike Bowman

Whatever became of Ed Martz, KDKA-TV's "The Triangle Kid?" I was on his show as a youngster and was fascinated by the taping and studio.


Hi Mike, that's interesting since this is the first time I'm hearing of this person. When was this - in the 1980s, or earlier?

Mike Bowman

Hi Rob, I'm 99% certain that was his name. The program was video taped during the week and I believe aired on Saturday mornings. This was around 1959 or very early 60's. I was just a young whippersnapper back then. LOL



Mike Bowman

And lest we forget Rege Cordic (Cordic & Company) who dominated the morning radio market on KDKA from 1954 to 1965. Cordic died April 16, 1999, at age 72.

Jim whalen

I believe Hank Snow had a kiddie show on and created Knish and Rodney J., not Paul Shannon

Paul did have more and Larry on his show. Curly died young.

Jim whalen

Oops it was Hank Stohl who created knish and rodney. He was on KDKA and later WTAE.

Lucy Knepp

So glad I stumbled upon this site. It's great!

Richard Arthur

I enjoyed your site and memories of Pittsburgh. I share many of these memories and tell stories you may like on my site:


Hi Richard, I'm glad you found my blog - and thank you for the link to yours. So far I've read the posts about the new shopping center, the visit to Forbes Field and the touching tribute to your baby brother - it was beautifully written, and brought tears to my eyes (by the way, my middle name is Alan). I'll be making time to read your other posts as well.

James Fellows Jr

Anybody remember Marty Wolfson (I think that was his name) who had a kids program where he told stories and drew the story on a large easel. He had kids in his gallery and each got their own drawing pad. My Cub Scout pack was on (live) one day and my dad worked until 5:30 at the Alcoa building and had to leave early and stop stop at a local pub (maybe the Brass Rail....remember that.?) and had them change the channel on their TV so he could see me on the TV show. I have no idea what channel that was.

Also, there was a 15 minute live show with 3 cowgirl singers. Dusty (played guitar), Gay (played that BIG bass "fiddle") and a 3rd who I can't remember her name. Any ideas..?

August Franze

Lets not forget Joe Negri!


What about Reg Cordic! And Frothingslosh!

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