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Robert Neuhardt

I remember a character on one of the Pittsburgh tv stations back in the 50's named Uncle Marty who was a cartoonist and drew on an easel wire white chalk and black crayon. Can anybody add to this ?

Pamela Bowen

Rege Cordic was hands down the best! The characters he created were beyond hysterical. Sue, Joe the garbage man, Phylo Pants, can't even remember them all. He would start my school day off right. I was so upset when he went to LA where they didn't really get him.
I do also remember Uncle Marty the cartoonist. I was always amazed.

Barry Spithaler

Does anyone remember Bi Williams. Not sure how you spell his first name. He had a show called THE BIG SHOW. He played the Bowery Boys, Science Fiction Movies and I think Tarzan now and then and maybe the hardy Boys. He's have BIG SHOW partys at local theators. Bi Williams. He reminded me a little of Bill Cardille.

John Cigan

How about Mike Levine, who had the "Open Mike" call-in radio show on KDKA. Topical, and ahead of its time, in a way.

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