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Robert Neuhardt

I remember a character on one of the Pittsburgh tv stations back in the 50's named Uncle Marty who was a cartoonist and drew on an easel wire white chalk and black crayon. Can anybody add to this ?

Pamela Bowen

Rege Cordic was hands down the best! The characters he created were beyond hysterical. Sue, Joe the garbage man, Phylo Pants, can't even remember them all. He would start my school day off right. I was so upset when he went to LA where they didn't really get him.
I do also remember Uncle Marty the cartoonist. I was always amazed.

Barry Spithaler

Does anyone remember Bi Williams. Not sure how you spell his first name. He had a show called THE BIG SHOW. He played the Bowery Boys, Science Fiction Movies and I think Tarzan now and then and maybe the hardy Boys. He's have BIG SHOW partys at local theators. Bi Williams. He reminded me a little of Bill Cardille.

John Cigan

How about Mike Levine, who had the "Open Mike" call-in radio show on KDKA. Topical, and ahead of its time, in a way.

g robertson

...steubenville loved the pittsburgh celebs...God bless you all...

g robertson

...the more i read the more i want to re-live...its so hard wondering how these great times we shared has flew by...i almost feel like that little boy born in 1955 again...words just ain't enuff...i hope this stuff comes back...thanx PITTSBURGH...yinz tc..

Becky Plascjak

What about Ed & Wendy Kings Partyline. Especially in October when they read the spooky stories listeners would write in

Mark Johnson

Ed and Wendy King a late night talk show on KDKA radio. Called the show Party line . Great interesting people to listen to.

Mitzie Harvatin

August 24, 2018
Chuck Brinkman passed away on August 24, 2018 at his home in Plano, Texas. Andrew Goldstein of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote this... "Chuck Brinkman, a KQV-AM mainstay in the 1960s who became one of Pittsburgh's most popular Top 40 DJs, died Friday surrounded by family at his home in Plano, Texas. He was 83.

Dennis P. Holly

Sorry to see that Patti Burns rated only an aside and that Vic Miles and I rated no mention.
Many of those who made the list were valued and treasured contemporaries with whom we laughed with (or at in the case of Lee Arthur). I think among many others who deserve mention is Linda Carson (whose husband Bud was a coach for the Steelers).
Perhaps there are some who remember the news promo which featured me doing an on-camera stand-up being assailed by passing motorists interrupting me, asking about Lee Arthur (to my exasperation).
Among those I remember most fondly are the aforementioned Bob Kudzma, Bill Curry, Paul Long, Myron Cope, Marie Torre (a real lady) Bob Prince, and Nellie King.
Although I left Pittsburgh too many years ago, it is still my favorite city and I remain a loyal member of Steelers- (and Pirates) nation.

Kim Stewart

Paul Long and Joe DiNardo! A pair 3 aces couldn't beat. Their back and forth banter was something else. There had been a power outage the previous night. Long said everyone had to watch the show by candlelight!!! Another time he was busting on Joe about all the rain and said that it must be Monseen Soosan. No I didn't make a typo. That's how he said it. Everyone was laughing like mad.


Great site! Thanks for the memories! I will always cherish Paul Shannon's show when it aired around Christmas. He would send a rocket to the North Pole loaded with Santa Claus letters written by the viewers, including my letter. How did they have that kind of rocket technology back in those days? Did it really go to the North Pole?!

Richard A Moritz

Thanks for posting! I remember them all fondly. Another one of my favorites was the team of O'Brien and Garry, very funny radio personalities on WTAE.

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