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Victor Ruvolo

Thanks Rob. It was great to be on at least part of this journey working with you! Yes, green analysis pads, calculators, rulers, correction tape and of course secretaries, were all my friends in the 80s. :-) My favorite piece of equipment was the dial-up research computer with the box of perforated paper that sat on the floor under it. We literally called with a desk phone and when we heard the beeeeeeep, put the headset into the cushioned receiver next to the keyboard and hoped the signal connected (and stayed connected).

Bill Carter

I worked for a major scientific non-profit, and still remember the very large, multi-room reference library of technical books that were only boxed and moved to the basement for "temporary" storage in the late 90s. They're probably still there.

For a while, the full-time librarian was the only person who could conduct editors' internet searches, because she was the only editorial staff person who had internet access and knew how to use it.

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