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J Kuntz

Nice succinct bios of when local PGH TV/Radio was about the only option. Nothing is ever comprehensive of everything but...surprised no info about Ed & Wendy King. A very interesting duo. Also missing is Fred Rodgers a local pioneer who arguable opened up a national/international following. Of course he would be very tough to be succinct in a bio.
I look forward to exploring your blog further.

Mary K Legas

Yes... Interesting recap of personalities. Thank you. But, any one remember Bye Willams?
He was before Bill Cardille on studio wrestling.

g robertson

...really great stuff...little stories about life and its feelings sure do make inspiried reading...

Jim Dittmar

Bye Williams was also the Mikey Mouse Club host on Channel 11.

Barbara Bridges

Its raining here`—-in Shawnee, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. My husband, daughter and son-in-law were preparing dinner and we started talking about hurricanes. I am a Nurse Practitioner and was teaching nursing at the University of Kansas Medical center in 1987. On September 27, I was in NYC At a medical meeting at the World Trade Center. It rained hard in the morning, but at noon it was strangely quiet! The eye of the hurricane was being experienced we were told. The rain returned in the afternoon and the meeting was stopped when ceiling titles became so water logged that they began falling on the participants of the Neonatal Medical Meeting. We were in a ballroom. It took forever for the cab to get back to my hotel which was near Times Square. I had to get our of the cab and walk about a block because the traffic was crazy. The hotel windows had been taped with “X’s” and the heavy curtains pulled! It was very interesting and exciting. especially for someone from Kansas. Your Blog brought back all those memories. I’m now almost 79 years old and my daughter is in her 50’s! Thank you for writing your blog Barbara L. Bridges APRN, EdD, Associate Professor, Retired. July 26, 2020.

Barbara Bridges

Should be Tile, not Title.

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