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Steve Gorelick

Here's a piece of Clokey info I haven't read anywhere. He was an early very influential mentor of six-time Academy Award-winning special makeup effects artist Rick Baker.

For many years, Art lived in my hometown of Covina, California. Rick, with whom I went to Junior High, found this out and approached Clokey, who let Rick work and experiment with models and animation. Rick idolized Clokey.

I, on the other hand, razzed Rick mercilessly about Gumby. I was an insufferable and politically precocious little jerk more interested in the 1964 LBJ/Goldwater election than dumb clay models. Rick came to my 12th birthday and gave me a monster model kit which I couldn't for the life of me appreciate. My loss.

But Clokey was known in town as one of the nicest guys ever.

And Rick.........well, six academy awards ain't bad.


Jo Holz

Steve, thanks for sharing this information. It's good to know that the person behind Gumby was actually a nice guy. I see Clokey's influence in many places, including much of Tim Burton's work (e.g., The Nightmare Before Christmas), which I also love.


Art Clokey was really an amazing artist...
HE made so many cute toys for children..
And Gumby is one of the best creation made by him...

I want to tribte his creation with a Cute Saying to him :

Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results..


I remember one of the quotes on art - Art is a collaboration between God and the artist. Goodbye Clokey.

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