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Steve Gorelick

Hi Jo:

I have been meaning to post this FURY-related story for a few months but things kept getting in the way.

My grandparents had a vacation condo in Palm Springs that was made up of 6 ranch-style condos around a large pool. It was my favorite hangout as a kid. Palm Springs had a little bit of Vegas glamour but was mostly pretty sedate. One of the local residents, about ten blocks away, was a guy whose benevolence made at least part of your grad school education possible -- Walter Annenberg.

Anyway, our condo neighbors included Emil Newman, one of the three legendary Newman brothers who, between them, composed hundreds of well-known movie scores in the 40s and 50s.

Emil was one of the nicest, most fun guys I remember from my childhood, but he was far and away the least productive of the Newman brothers. Everywhere he went was an event, a party, for them kids staying in the condos (and their parents). What I only can see now is what subsequently became widely known -- Email was an alcoholic and plagued by a host of other problems.

In the last few years, one of the large remaining Hollywood sound stages and recording venues was named for the Newman brothers and, speaking at the dedication ceremony, their nephew Randy Newman (Oscar winning film composer) said something to the effect that while all the Newman Brothers had various problems, only Emil had all of them!

So why do I mention all this?

Emil may have been down and out, but he was a hero to us kids for one particular piece of work -- the theme song to FURY! Yup, he wrote it. We would run around the place, jumping in and out of the pool, laughing with Emil and singing the first few bars to that theme song at the top of our lungs. He would laugh uncontrollably but once explained that a good chunk of the condo came from FURY!

My favorite Emil Newman story: Palm Springs could be incredibly hot but, because the heat was dry, 110 - 112 degrees could actually be fun. One day, though, after a number of super hot days, the unheated pool was actually close to 90 degrees and not too refreshing. So, with no small amount of mystery, Emil assured us that he would take care of it.

Several hours later, we were sitting by the pool and a large truck drove across the grass and finely manicured grounds and parked itself right next to the pool. Before we knew what was going on, the truck began to dump over 100 blocks of ice into the pool which absolutely solved the problem, to our absolute joy.

When we asked him how much it cost, he simply winked and said:

"Don't worry, kid. FURY!"

Steve Gorelick

I now see, further complicating the whole Newman story, that -- while he did compose music for FURY, the actual theme for ther show was by Ernest Gold.

I do hate to let the truth get in the way of a great childhood memory.

Jo Holz

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story, Steve, even if Emil Newman didn't actually compose the theme music. You sure had an interesting childhood!

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