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June 2006

Death Psychic

Gosh I love sites like this. The Death Psychic takes the worry about how one is going to die. Apparantly my fate is to be slaughtered by a deranged clown at a carnival.

Here is the site The Death Psychic and here is the write-up:

There's no question about it—you're going to die. Far less certain are the exact circumstances of your demise. Will you quietly pass away in your sleep? Or will you suffer a slow and painful death after ingesting an entire jar of expired mayonnaise? You used to have to wait and see. The Death Psychic informs visitors in advance how they'll kick the bucket. After exploring the site, we learned some will lose their grip while climbing a barbed wire fence. Others will be poisoned by a disgruntled cook. How will you die? Just enter your name, age, and gender, and prepare to meet your maker.


NCGR Spring Conference

Heads up all budding astrologers!

The National Council for Geocosmic Research is a great resource for astrology learning. They are having a conference on June 10th from 9a-7p in New York titled "Astrology and..." : Combining the horoscope with complementary arts and practices such as numerology, tarot and feng shui. Check out their website NCGR

I've been to many of these conferences and find many of the speakers very good - especially Frank Signorella - and the folks who attend are an interesting lot. The NCGR has classes throughout the year too.

Void of Course Moons

Want to improve your life? It's all in the timing: try to plan around Void of Course Moons.

I can't begin to tell you how valuable it is to know when the moon is void of course. (That is the time between the moon's last aspect in a sign and its entry into the next sign -- it's like going through a tunnel where you can't get a signal). Read more about the definition of the VOC either here VOC Moons or in Debbi Kempton-Smith's great book "Secrets From a Stargazers Notebook."

When the moon goes void, it can make us dreamy and impractical. We may expect too much or anticipate too little. Doing things during the void may not turn out as you expect. So, if you can, plan your important "left part of the brain" stuff -- like interviews, signing contracts etc. -- when the moon is NOT void of course and you will maximize your chances for success. Void of Course moon charts can be found here.

Welcome to My World

The stars are aligned today - this an auspicious time to launch my blog. This is an offshoot of my website The Starry Eye which contains my horoscopes and some stray musings on astrology and the new age. Nothing mysterious or frightening - just (sound?) advice that anyone can use to improve their timing and maximize their opportunities.

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