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Void of Course Moons

Want to improve your life? It's all in the timing: try to plan around Void of Course Moons.

I can't begin to tell you how valuable it is to know when the moon is void of course. (That is the time between the moon's last aspect in a sign and its entry into the next sign -- it's like going through a tunnel where you can't get a signal). Read more about the definition of the VOC either here VOC Moons or in Debbi Kempton-Smith's great book "Secrets From a Stargazers Notebook."

When the moon goes void, it can make us dreamy and impractical. We may expect too much or anticipate too little. Doing things during the void may not turn out as you expect. So, if you can, plan your important "left part of the brain" stuff -- like interviews, signing contracts etc. -- when the moon is NOT void of course and you will maximize your chances for success. Void of Course moon charts can be found here.


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