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Paula's Question

Paula sent me a question about a possible career change. Here is her question and, following that, my assessment:

question = I am in need of a career change and have no idea as to
what direction to go in.  I have always been involved in the health field
(nursing, massage therapy, personal training, social work and presently
theraputic recreation.  I would like to get into a whole new field.  My
passion is birding and although I love photography I tend to keep it as
a hobby.  I also enjoy cooking, gardening and educating others
(especially about birds).  I used to write poetry and short stories but haven't
done so in over five years. The idea of going back to school full time
again and spending ooodles of money doesn't interest me but i am
willing to take courses in something.  Have you any ideas or advice? Would
going into Banking be a wrong move as I was contemplating financial
advising.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!


With any question on career, I look at what sign is on the cusp of the 10th house of your birth chart. The 10th house represents career, long term professional growth, status and one's place in the world. You have Gemini  on the cusp and Cancer "intercepted" within the house. (That means that there is a great deal of Cancerian influence in an otherwise Gemini house. Okay, enough astrologeze.) What does this all mean? I see this to mean that a career in teaching (especially with children), publishing or really anything that brings you into a circle of people and gives you opportunity to share ideas in a social atmosphere would be great. Not so sure about financial advising although if you were to teach it, I think you would find that gratifying. The Gemini influence indicates that working in a career that provides a connection to others and where you can share ideas, thoughts and opinions would be excellent for you.

Having a career that is in sync with what makes you happy is especially important to you - when I look at your entire birthchart I see many great aspects to the top of your chart. If your career is in harmony, many other areas of your life will be in harmony.

I hope that helps. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Phony Psychics

Yet another instance of phony psychics getting busted. Today in am New York (a local NYC paper), three fortunetellers were arrested for cheating clients. See full story here .

No one can predict the future. Anyone who says they can should give you tomorrrow's winning lotto numbers first. Avoid any "advisor" who:

Says they can predict the future

Says they can remove curses

And ask for money to do so

When you go to a card reader or an astrologer understand that this is all for entertainment purposes only. They may offer you insights that you can use as part of your overall decision-making strategy but nothing that is offered during a reading is carved into fate.

As Bob Marks says, "Astrology is like headlights in a car. You turn them on at night to see the road more clearly ahead of you. Driving without the car lights on at night? Now THAT'S fate." (I will have a future post on Bob Marks and his wonderful website. Stay tuned....)

Lana's Question

Here is Lana's question and, following that, my assessment:
question: hello. I was born july 17th 1947. my big question is . will i (or should i)get a operation to lose weight.i have an appiontment to see the doctor july24th.i weight 400 lb,s  and i can,t hardly walk and have all the illnesses obesity brings.i,m also poor and alone and wish i could know real love in my life befor i die.will i ever marry again?
I immediately checked the date July 24, 2006 to see if there is anything that would indicate that it is not a good time to meet with a doctor. As it turns out, Mercury is retrograde at that time. You may have some miscommunication - may misunderstand what the doctor is saying or he/she may misunderstand you. Be very very careful in your communication during the Mercury retrograde. I would suggest that you might reschedule. Also, do not reschedule so your appointment occurs during an eclipse or a void of course moon. VOC moon charts can be found Here - click on "Moon Tables" Contact me again with other dates and I can help you examine them.
As far as your overall birth chart - you have several planets  in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) which makes you very very Cancerian. You love home, family and being in a relationship. You are happiest when you can cuddle with someone special. Be careful of mood swings that can make you feel less sociable. Maybe try meeting people though clubs. Geneology may be of interest to you as would home-oriented hobbies (home design or even a knitting circle come to mind). There is nothing preventing you from marrying again but you have to make the effort. Don't fall into a funk.

Peaceful Marriage

A Peaceful Marriage May Just Be a Spray Away
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can't get him to skip poker night just once? And why won't she leave you alone when she knows your team is in extra innings in the finals?
Researchers say there might be an easy solution on the way: nasal spray. Loaded with what scientists are calling a "love hormone," otherwise known as oxytocin, the spray can help couples keep their relationships calm and healthy, HealthDigest reports.
Researchers say that oxytocin helps people manage stress in social situations by lowering the amount of cortisol, which the body produces when stressed, thus leading to less arguing and fighting and a more peaceful domestic life.
A study of 50 fighting couples showed that those given the nasal spray with oxytocin displayed significantly lower levels of cortisol in their systems than those couples given a placebo.
Read more about this here Fox News
It makes scents! ;-)

Angel Feet - NYC

If you want a relaxing experience try reflexology. Reflexology uses pressure on various points on the feet to help relieve stress and to improve general well being. Or, as the Blatman clinic puts it: "A form of massage in which pressure is applied to certain parts of the feet and hands in order to promote relaxation and healing elsewhere in the body.... based on the belief that each part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to the hands and feet. Stimulating specific reflex points in the feet can bring needed nutrients to poorly functioning areas of the body. This can help restore balance throughout the body."

I found it so relaxing the first time I went that I went home and slept for five hours afterwards.

There is a wonderful reflexology spa in New York City called Angel Feet. It is located in Greenwich Village on Perry Street in a tiny storefront that can only handle two clients at a time. The atmosphere is wonderfully calm. A session not only makes your tootsies feel great, it can also help work out the kinks in any area of your body that is tense and stressed. Treat yourself ... or a friend!Angelbit3

(and thanks to MJ for the photo!)

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