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Peaceful Marriage

A Peaceful Marriage May Just Be a Spray Away
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can't get him to skip poker night just once? And why won't she leave you alone when she knows your team is in extra innings in the finals?
Researchers say there might be an easy solution on the way: nasal spray. Loaded with what scientists are calling a "love hormone," otherwise known as oxytocin, the spray can help couples keep their relationships calm and healthy, HealthDigest reports.
Researchers say that oxytocin helps people manage stress in social situations by lowering the amount of cortisol, which the body produces when stressed, thus leading to less arguing and fighting and a more peaceful domestic life.
A study of 50 fighting couples showed that those given the nasal spray with oxytocin displayed significantly lower levels of cortisol in their systems than those couples given a placebo.
Read more about this here Fox News
It makes scents! ;-)


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