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Lana's Question

Here is Lana's question and, following that, my assessment:
question: hello. I was born july 17th 1947. my big question is . will i (or should i)get a operation to lose weight.i have an appiontment to see the doctor july24th.i weight 400 lb,s  and i can,t hardly walk and have all the illnesses obesity brings.i,m also poor and alone and wish i could know real love in my life befor i die.will i ever marry again?
I immediately checked the date July 24, 2006 to see if there is anything that would indicate that it is not a good time to meet with a doctor. As it turns out, Mercury is retrograde at that time. You may have some miscommunication - may misunderstand what the doctor is saying or he/she may misunderstand you. Be very very careful in your communication during the Mercury retrograde. I would suggest that you might reschedule. Also, do not reschedule so your appointment occurs during an eclipse or a void of course moon. VOC moon charts can be found Here - click on "Moon Tables" Contact me again with other dates and I can help you examine them.
As far as your overall birth chart - you have several planets  in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) which makes you very very Cancerian. You love home, family and being in a relationship. You are happiest when you can cuddle with someone special. Be careful of mood swings that can make you feel less sociable. Maybe try meeting people though clubs. Geneology may be of interest to you as would home-oriented hobbies (home design or even a knitting circle come to mind). There is nothing preventing you from marrying again but you have to make the effort. Don't fall into a funk.


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