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Solstice Today

Summer Solstice - Wednesday, June 21 -- 8.26am Eastern  -- 5.26am Pacific
The Summer Solstice is a time of growth, a celebration and harmony with nature, energy and rejuvenation. We have planeted the seeds and they begin to sprout. Energy, output and balance.

This is the longest day of the year - don't waste a minute!

Jenni Stone has a terrific Astrology newsletter. I just received her mailing on the Solstice. Here is what she had to say: The Summer Solstice is the magical moment when our ancestors gathered to celebrate  the shortest night of the year. This is the moment when the Sun enters the constellation sign of Cancer and the earth's Northern axis begins to turn away from the Sun and back towards winter. 

In Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" he showed the Druid celebrations where the Fairy People became visible to humans.  In the play, Fairies used spells to "make" humans get dressed up and infatuously fall in love with animals and people who were inappropriate for them. (Some of us have done that without help from Fairies !)

In the play, Shakespeare talks about how people experience predictive dreams in the nights before the Solstice.   Sometimes these dreams are so overwhelmingly "real" that they can carry over to the daytime and then people act foolishly because so much of their conscious mind is caught up in the images of the dream. 

Understanding Emails

I just read a great article in the Christian Science Monitor about emails. Did you know that according to one study, 50% of the time emails are misinterpreted?

Read the full article here:  Emails

Of course this got me to thinking about other ways we can inadverently screw up our communication (or misinterpret others') during certain astrological cycles. For example: When Mercury goes retrograde (looks like it is travelling backwards in the sky) our communication can go awry. Phone calls are missed, letters go astray and what we think we are saying (and meaning) can be misinterpreted. Check the ephemeris to see when Mercury retrogrades. Here is a site that has one handy-  Matrix . And from now on, I will double check my emails at all times!

Anyone have an experience with funky communications during retro Mercury? Please share.

The Astrological Presidential Race 2000

As we gear up for the 2006 elections, I thought it would be interesting to revisit my predictions for the 2000 election. (And I still think that I was correct!) Here is the original analysis:

Since 60 Minutes broke the "new age pundit" taboo on October 1st with Andy Rooney’s graphology (handwriting) analysis of the presidential candidates, it seems logical to follow-up with an astrological assessment of the race. With that, I’ve decided to throw my turban into the ring of political commentators and offer my celestial opinion on the election outcome.

Back in March, when I first addressed the presidential campaign on my weekly online astrology program on www.washingtonpost.com, I said that the election would be extremely close. George Bush and Al Gore have very similar birth charts; Both have theatrical and confident Leo ascendants, both have volcanic, transformative Pluto in their first house (which signifies new beginnings) and both have pioneering Aries on their MidHeaven. Certainly both charts show leadership capability and ambition.

George W. is actually a very sensitive person (Sun in Cancer) and has a close relationship with his parents – especially his mother. He can be very charming even when he is emotionally pressed (moon in Libra) and exudes great confidence on first impression (Leo rising, Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Leo in the first house). He is an expansive thinker and loves to pontificate on his ideas (Mercury in Leo). With his sun in the 12th house, he aches to serve people. Charity work, volunteer work or other public service professions are indicated (obviously...). Yet, he may not feel especially confident in this area of his life (Saturn, the great teacher, sits in the 12th house) and has learned and will learn through tough experience how to succeed in recognizing and accomplishing his dreams.

Al Gore is careful and conservative in his emotions; moon in Capricorn makes him reserved and uncomfortable in expressing his emotions. Mercury in Pisces however, makes him an emotional, romantic and utopian type of thinker. There is quite a bit going on under the surface with this man. He is a gallant warrior with Mars in dramatic Leo and Sun in Aries and will go to the limit for a cause he believes in. Just don’t expect him to be effusive about it. With his sun in the 9th house of philosophy, he sees the big global picture and has great breath of vision for his dreams. He wants to reach out to as many people as possible all at once and change the world. With his Saturn in the 1st house, he may give a very serious first impression and may appear shy or reserved. But with three planets and an ascendant in fiery Leo and that pioneering Aries sun, he is quite capable of winning folks over and accomplishing great things.

The crucial difference in their charts, which in my opinion gives the slight edge to Gore, is transiting Pluto (the planet of power and transformation). Pluto will be 11 degrees on election day, powering Gore’s natal Pluto in 12 degrees in Leo while waning in Bush’s 10 degrees in Leo. (See how close that is?). In addition, both men have their Vertex (a power point in the chart) in Sagittarius with Gore at 19 and Bush at 23 degrees. Pluto is now in Sagittarius and heats up both candidate’s Vertexes but a little more oomph will be felt by Gore.

But just to be sure, I cast a chart for election night November 7 at 11:55pm in Washington DC and compared this chart to both Gore’s and Bush’s birth charts. The chart itself for election night has Saturn as the highest planet in the chart – work, work, work to reach your goals. Leo is rising (just like in Gore’s and Bush’s chart) indicating a theatrical look to the entire process. Active, energetic Mars sits in the 2nd house of money (no surprise…) and Uranus and Neptune (surprises and foggy thinking) are in the 6th house of work. Anything is possible. Anything can happen.

Bush will make a strong finish on election night – his Saturn is aspecting well to transiting Saturn over his 10th house indicating rewards for hard work in the area of career. But ultimately, it is applying Pluto surging into Gore’s Pluto that may just bring him over the finish line first. It looks like a squeaker for Gore to this astrologer. Every vote will count.

So Madam Lichtenstein projects Al Gore to be the winner.
This is irrespective of swing states, straw polls, debates, focus groups and Pat Buchanan (who is certainly a Saturnian element in this race).

Willa's Question

I welcome questions from visitors and, with their permission, post them to the blog. Here is a recent one:

Dear Madam Lichtentein, I feel a  deep connection to this man. He was born 6/26/1956 and I was born 2/26/1954.., what can you see for him and will he also connect to me??.Is this year a good time to meet?..or 2007?..when?.when would be best time to go to him and meet him??-I most likely have to go to him..and let my presence be felt by him!- .i suppose the timing has to be right!.am i right?? Thank you Sincerely, Willa

Dear Willa,

Thank you so much for your question.

I checked all the signs in your birth chart and you have Sun and Venus in Pisces which makes you very emotional. Add to this moon and Mars in Sagittarius and you seem to be very independent and prone to emotional reactions.
He has sun in Cancer, moon in Aquarius, venus in Gemini. Your personality connects with him  and you two must get along very well because deep down you two understand each other. Your emotional reactions are in sync as well with his unorthodox Aquarian moon and your feisty Sadge moon. In love though, you are far more romantic and he is more platonic and friendly. You need to be careful of falling too hard and too fast and possibly being disappointed. He prefers light and flirtatious while you feel very deeply.
As I mentioned in a prior email, with Venus in Pisces you may need to be more practical in love. Be careful of giving your heart and soul away before the recipient is ready and able to treasure it as it deserves to be treasured.
Give him space, keep in touch with light hearted notes and some mysterious love games. Those with Venus in Gemini love a chase! All thebest of good luck to you. I hope this answer helps you.

Saint Rita

Saint Rita is the Saint of Desperate Causes. Light a candle and ask for help from her and you may just get it. The story goes that Linda Dackman, 49 years old, single and childless lit a candle and asked for love when she was at Saint Rita's tomb in Umbria. Sure enough, one day later in Florence, this Californian met the love of her life.

Light a candle for your favorite saint today. You never know what can happen. And you don't even have to be Catholic.

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