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Paula's Question

Paula sent me a question about a possible career change. Here is her question and, following that, my assessment:

question = I am in need of a career change and have no idea as to
what direction to go in.  I have always been involved in the health field
(nursing, massage therapy, personal training, social work and presently
theraputic recreation.  I would like to get into a whole new field.  My
passion is birding and although I love photography I tend to keep it as
a hobby.  I also enjoy cooking, gardening and educating others
(especially about birds).  I used to write poetry and short stories but haven't
done so in over five years. The idea of going back to school full time
again and spending ooodles of money doesn't interest me but i am
willing to take courses in something.  Have you any ideas or advice? Would
going into Banking be a wrong move as I was contemplating financial
advising.  Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!


With any question on career, I look at what sign is on the cusp of the 10th house of your birth chart. The 10th house represents career, long term professional growth, status and one's place in the world. You have Gemini  on the cusp and Cancer "intercepted" within the house. (That means that there is a great deal of Cancerian influence in an otherwise Gemini house. Okay, enough astrologeze.) What does this all mean? I see this to mean that a career in teaching (especially with children), publishing or really anything that brings you into a circle of people and gives you opportunity to share ideas in a social atmosphere would be great. Not so sure about financial advising although if you were to teach it, I think you would find that gratifying. The Gemini influence indicates that working in a career that provides a connection to others and where you can share ideas, thoughts and opinions would be excellent for you.

Having a career that is in sync with what makes you happy is especially important to you - when I look at your entire birthchart I see many great aspects to the top of your chart. If your career is in harmony, many other areas of your life will be in harmony.

I hope that helps. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.


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