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Phony Psychics

Yet another instance of phony psychics getting busted. Today in am New York (a local NYC paper), three fortunetellers were arrested for cheating clients. See full story here .

No one can predict the future. Anyone who says they can should give you tomorrrow's winning lotto numbers first. Avoid any "advisor" who:

Says they can predict the future

Says they can remove curses

And ask for money to do so

When you go to a card reader or an astrologer understand that this is all for entertainment purposes only. They may offer you insights that you can use as part of your overall decision-making strategy but nothing that is offered during a reading is carved into fate.

As Bob Marks says, "Astrology is like headlights in a car. You turn them on at night to see the road more clearly ahead of you. Driving without the car lights on at night? Now THAT'S fate." (I will have a future post on Bob Marks and his wonderful website. Stay tuned....)


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