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Willa's Question

I welcome questions from visitors and, with their permission, post them to the blog. Here is a recent one:

Dear Madam Lichtentein, I feel a  deep connection to this man. He was born 6/26/1956 and I was born 2/26/1954.., what can you see for him and will he also connect to me??.Is this year a good time to meet?..or 2007?..when?.when would be best time to go to him and meet him??-I most likely have to go to him..and let my presence be felt by him!- .i suppose the timing has to be right!.am i right?? Thank you Sincerely, Willa

Dear Willa,

Thank you so much for your question.

I checked all the signs in your birth chart and you have Sun and Venus in Pisces which makes you very emotional. Add to this moon and Mars in Sagittarius and you seem to be very independent and prone to emotional reactions.
He has sun in Cancer, moon in Aquarius, venus in Gemini. Your personality connects with him  and you two must get along very well because deep down you two understand each other. Your emotional reactions are in sync as well with his unorthodox Aquarian moon and your feisty Sadge moon. In love though, you are far more romantic and he is more platonic and friendly. You need to be careful of falling too hard and too fast and possibly being disappointed. He prefers light and flirtatious while you feel very deeply.
As I mentioned in a prior email, with Venus in Pisces you may need to be more practical in love. Be careful of giving your heart and soul away before the recipient is ready and able to treasure it as it deserves to be treasured.
Give him space, keep in touch with light hearted notes and some mysterious love games. Those with Venus in Gemini love a chase! All thebest of good luck to you. I hope this answer helps you.


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