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Read Your Own Cards? Part 1

There is an old saying among Tarot card readers that you can't read your own cards. Maybe it's because we are too wrapped up in the reading - too close to it or too emotional about the outcome. Whatever it is, it is just not done. They say the reading is not accurate and a waste of time. So I try not to read for myself. However, it is also very hard for a card reader to be read by others. I am always "back seat driving" when someone else reads my cards. (and reading more into every negative card btw....)

So in the spirit of experimentation, I am going to post a card reading for myself and read my own cards. Further, over the span of the next few months, I will blog its progress (or lack thereof) to see if my reading for myself actually pans out.

So here is the spread:


This reading is for the next 3 to 4 months more or less. Things may begin to occur sooner (or later) than this time frame but this should not take more than 6 months.

The Reading: Basically I have been cooling my heels waiting quite a while for what I want in a business proposition. It is taking considerably more time, energy and effort than first thought and I am getting impatient. However, there is nothing I can do to move it along any faster and need to exert patience because it is something I want very much - the result of a creative venture that could lead to other wonderful things. There is a tough, business-like, no nonsense woman who will come into my life in the next few months who will see the promise in this venture and help me achieve it. It is very important that I keep a positive outlook and remain optimistic. Also I need to be  diplomatic, go with the flow of events and roll with the punches. Keep cool even when the pressure is on. The result? If I follow my muse, if I am not afraid of success (which will lead me to a new path) it will not only work out, I can even make a little extra money from this venture.

Okay - this makes a lot of sense for me. I have just finished writing a script with a friend and we are starting to take it around to agents. So my interpretation of the above reading is that we will have an agent or sell it to a production company in 3 to 4 months.

Let's see how the future unfolds. Stay tuned ........

Stay in Touch

This from New York Magazine :

How can you stay in touch with ancestors who have made passage into the next world? Easy! Now you can set up your own Buddhist altar in the convenience of your own home. Yagiken Company is a Japanese manufacturer of home-based ancestor worship alters (called kuyo). They have just set up shop in New York on West 26th Street called Gallery Memories with a brochure that says "Kuyo: always stay connected to the loved ones you've lost".

These altars usually contain names of those who we wish to remember as well as a statue of Buddah. Offerings can be left daily such as tea or cigarettes - whatever your ancestor used to enjoy in the earth world (although it may be best to avoid food products that spoil or melt...).

Sadly, this is a tradition in decline and does not easily translate into other religions' practices. But for those who derive comfort from the spirits of one's ancestors, it is a wonderful way to incorporate it into your everyday living space.

Communal Yoga Mats. Yuk.

Please don't read this while drinking your morning coffee.

According to an article in The New York Times on July 27, 2006 there are more and more instances of people developing skin ailments from using communal yoga mats. Dermatologists now ask their patients with skin rashes if they practice yoga since high-traffic mats may be hot beds for infections. Popularity has its price, I suppose. Yoga is a booming discipline - In 2005 16.5 million people practiced yoga nationwide, up 43% from 2002 according to the Yoga Journal. Just like any gym or exercise facility, yoga studios are prone to excessive sweat and moisture from shared equipment.

So pack your disinfectant when you prepare to cobra and don't let your mellow become yellow.

New Discovery Program

I've been noticing more and more "psychic-like" television programs appearing vaporously on television. My favorite is Medium on NBC, actually, but programs like Psychic Detectives are pretty good too. Discovery just announced theirs. Here is the quick description from Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis - a free newsletter on the tv industry.

Discovery will launch a new series in November called Sensing Murder from Granada America and Zodiak Television World. The show follows various psychics as they work with local police to investigate unsolved murders, per Variety. The show already airs in Australia and New Zealand, and will air on Discovery as part of its new forensics lineup.

Nice Necklace (Knock Wood)

I really don't like reading the Styles Section in the Sunday New York Times but occasionally there is something worth noting. That is, something other than the (boring) wedding announcements of how they met and who they wed, the who's who of the charity circuit (yawn) and the (anorexically) skinny on what's (and who's) hot and what's (and who's) not. In the Pulse section (do you feel it....?) there was a blurb on "charm and token dowagers necklaces".

This July article in the New York Times appears to not merit a search link on New York Times so I will paraphrase it here: It is called "Nice Necklace (Knock Wood)" in Pulse by Ellen Tien and it talks about the latest rage in long necklaces - those that have small tokens or charms attached that help usher in good fortune. Of course it appears that you have to buy your way into good luck with these necklaces going for the low end of $195 for a silver version to $695 in gold.

I made my own lucky necklace that cost about 10 bucks in total and is not silver or gold but is full of real ex-votis, tokens and charms. You don't need to spend big to increase your karma, you know.

Here is my necklace. Feel free to duplicate. 


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