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Read Your Own Cards? Part 1

There is an old saying among Tarot card readers that you can't read your own cards. Maybe it's because we are too wrapped up in the reading - too close to it or too emotional about the outcome. Whatever it is, it is just not done. They say the reading is not accurate and a waste of time. So I try not to read for myself. However, it is also very hard for a card reader to be read by others. I am always "back seat driving" when someone else reads my cards. (and reading more into every negative card btw....)

So in the spirit of experimentation, I am going to post a card reading for myself and read my own cards. Further, over the span of the next few months, I will blog its progress (or lack thereof) to see if my reading for myself actually pans out.

So here is the spread:


This reading is for the next 3 to 4 months more or less. Things may begin to occur sooner (or later) than this time frame but this should not take more than 6 months.

The Reading: Basically I have been cooling my heels waiting quite a while for what I want in a business proposition. It is taking considerably more time, energy and effort than first thought and I am getting impatient. However, there is nothing I can do to move it along any faster and need to exert patience because it is something I want very much - the result of a creative venture that could lead to other wonderful things. There is a tough, business-like, no nonsense woman who will come into my life in the next few months who will see the promise in this venture and help me achieve it. It is very important that I keep a positive outlook and remain optimistic. Also I need to be  diplomatic, go with the flow of events and roll with the punches. Keep cool even when the pressure is on. The result? If I follow my muse, if I am not afraid of success (which will lead me to a new path) it will not only work out, I can even make a little extra money from this venture.

Okay - this makes a lot of sense for me. I have just finished writing a script with a friend and we are starting to take it around to agents. So my interpretation of the above reading is that we will have an agent or sell it to a production company in 3 to 4 months.

Let's see how the future unfolds. Stay tuned ........