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Happy Noruz!

Today is the Zoroastrian New Year also known as as Noruz .

Happy Zoroastrian New Year! Celebrate the "New Day" (Noruz) - the day of the spring equinox. Rebirth and growth. Lots of singing and dancing. Enjoying nature. It is a 3,000 years old Persian religion pre-dating Islam in Iran. Here are a couple of sites that give a history and overview of the holiday - Here and Here .

I like the idea of dancing in the sun.....

Zodiacal Zephyr

Just wanted to share a great astrology website with everyone. This site has information on moon phases, has an easy ephemeris (to chart all those planetary movements), great software companies, interesting article and even charts of celebrities and royalty. It ain't pretty, but it is functional.

A one stop for everything astrology. Here it is Zodiacal Zephyr

Colors of the Day

I have heard that in Thailand, the day of your birth has a very specific color. To improve your luck through the year, you should wear your "birth color" on your birthday every year. The King was born on a Monday and the entire country, as a sign of respect and love, will be wearing yellow shirts on his birthday.

Here are the days and their colors for handy reference:

Sunday - Red

Monday - Yellow

Tuesday - Pink

Wednesday - Green

Thursday - Orange

Friday - Blue

Saturday - Purple


Check out this interesting article in the NY Times titled Transforming the Alchemists

Alchemy was very big in the 16th and 17th centuries but has gotten a bad rap because of a small minority of crazies who used to practice it. (And these folks are the ones you read about - turning lead into gold etc...) However there is now a new appreciation for the practice of alchemy and how important it really was to the development of modern chemistry.

Possibly made mad by the mercury they were sniffing, some actually made some scientific advances. Take Paracelsus for example: He analyzed urine and detected disorders that could be cured by alchemy. (Of course modern scientists think that this guy was actually trying to find a Christian alternative to pagan natural philosphy aka "science".)

Famous alchemists include Sir Issac Newton who thought gravity was an occult force. (Doesn't everyone?)  Please check the link above for more on this fascinating subject.

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