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Pluto- No Respect!

Well it was bound to happen eventually, I guess. For years scientists have been pondering the question "Is Pluto a planet or not?" Today they decided that the answer is "not". It was downgraded to the status of a "Dwarf Planet" like certain asteroids. Oh the embarassment.... Here is the New York Post's take on it. And here is the New York Times'.

But the real question on everyone's mind must be - how does this affect astrology? (I know you were thinking of that, weren't you?) Well according to Lee Lehman, dean of Kepler College, (the only astrology college in the country), "Astronomers have had several cases in the past where they've made changes in the objects used by astrologers." In other words - no big deal.

As for me, I will still give it the planetary status it deserves. Pluto is the generational (dwarf?) planet that indicates major, transforming changes. Now Pluto is in Sagittarius (sign of religion) so I am not surprised that there is so much religious turmoil and upheaval going on now and for the next 11 years.


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