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I have just discovered a great website and astrological resource. Check out Horoscopes2Go which is a nice searchable website for a full range of different types of horoscopes. Among the interesting array include a Tarotscope. My columns are listed under "monthly"... ahem.

For those who know my work, you know that I also have weekly horoscopes which are published in papers across the country.

A Guide to the Sky

Now this is something I would love to have. It is the SkyScout and it helps you easy locate and label planets and stars. Working like a hand held telescope the size of a camcorder and equipped with a navigation device, you can hold it up to the sky, focus on a particular star and see exactly what it is. You can also locate particular planets - the SkyScout guides you to it with arrows and then circles it.

Read more here in the New York TImes Business Section

Madonna Split??

The latest buzz is that Madonna is becoming disenchanted with Kaballah which is a form of mystical Judaism. Maybe you've read about her famous red thread wristbands? Red thread is supposed to ward off evil spirits. (I have read that one should tie red string on some part of a newborn's crib to ward off Lillith.)

Madonna belongs to The Kabbalah Centre as do other luminaries such as Britney Spear, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan. She has been a strong proponent of the powers of Kabbalah but amny.com reports that she is tiring of the strain it places on her family. Nothing official yet but we will keep an ear open....

Go With The Flow

Lisa McLeod is the author of "Forget Perfect" which offers career advice bordering on new age inspriations. She advises that balance is an impossibility. So forget balance!

Keep on a more even keel by remembering these three things: Congruence (be yourself wherever you are - work, home, in all types of relationships), Connection (be in the moment all the time. "Don't dwell on what has passed away, or what has yet to be" as Leonard Cohen says.) and Contribution (how can you be the best you can be to those around you. Forget ego, go with your heart.)

I think we can get so scattered, wrapped up in trivial details, obsessed on things that we can't change and off and running in our own stressful world of tiny details that we lose sight of the bigger picture and wind up not maximizing our chances for success. Some folks achieve greater balance through meditation or yoga. For those not so inclined, it seems to be that remembering these three little words may be a way to achieve greater balance.

This is from an article by Karen Salmansohn.

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