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Read your own cards? Part 2

While a student of the Tarot, I was taught that one could never read their own cards. The reason is that we are too close to our issues to be able to read them clearly, objectively and dispassionately. But not reading your own cards is hard to avoid, especially if you are pressed for an answer to a question and there are no other tarot readers around. So I have, on occasion, read my own cards.

As an experiment on this blog, I have done a spread for myself and will read the cards. Then we can map the reading's progress over the next few months.

The first post I had on the subject was posted on July 30, 2006. Here is the spread:


When I first read them they spoke of a business proposition that would take time, patience and diplomacy. I thought it would be about my script. Although that is still in play and it still may happen (I do have a couple more months on this reading) another business situation which was difficult and stressful is beginning to turnaround.  Someone at work who has been underhanded is about to be undone. The worst thing I could have done was to get overly emotional. I needed to stay focused and diplomatic. So it seems that the reading is on course. Stay tuned....


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