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Happy Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween everyone!

There has been a great deal of talk about Halloween and its effect on the young in recent years but as a kid, I recall Halloween as being a time of great, innocent fun - dressing up in a costume and knocking on neighbors doors for candy. How bad can that be? Evidently to some, very bad indeed.

Halloween probably has its roots in druid or pagan celebrations. I've read that it is the night where the spirits of those who have died can roam the earth and mingle with the living. I have heard that it is a celebration of ancestors who have passed. Here is as good an overview as I have read -

"Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual?" Read more here.

Here in Greenwich Village in New York City, we have an annual Halloween Parade that attracts millions of celebrants. Here are some pictures of last year's parade:



Dscn1466 Check out my photo album for more scary pics!


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