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Kabbalah Energy Drink

What do you get when you combine the study of Jewish Mysticism with an energy drink? I guess you would get something along the lines of Kabbalah Energy Drink.

The Kabbalah is an aspect of Jewish mysticism exploring the nature of divinity, the creation, the origin and fate of the soul, and the role of human beings. It involves meditative, devotional, mystical and magical practices which were historically taught only to a select few and for this reason Kabbalah is regarded as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism. Some aspects of Kabbalah have been studied and used by non-Jews for several hundred years. A recent example is Madonna who is actually rumored to have dropped the study of it.

The Kabbalah Energy drink claims to be a source of positive power, along the lines of the Kabbalah itself. Lots of press has followed including a mentioned on MTV. Has anyone out there in the blogosphere ever tried it?


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