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Second Saturn Return

The Saturn Return occurs every 27-29 years when the planet Saturn orbiting the sky meets the same degree and sign as our birth placement of Saturn in our personal horoscope birth charts. The Saturn Return is a three year period of intense frustration, conflict and yearning. We want change but it either doesn't happen or happens in unexpected possibly undesirable ways. But it is Saturn's way of teaching us a life lesson that we need to know in order to grow and become better.

The first return at age 27-29 is the first return. But lucky folks sometimes get the opportunity to experience three returns in their lifetime: 27-29, 56-59 and 84-87.

I am often asked about the impact of the Second Saturn Return (bless those baby boomers!) and here is what I say: The second return is a repeat of the first. If you have learned your Saturn lesson then this is a time of great reward. If you still have a few things to work on, this is the time to tackle them. Think of what you struggled with at ages 28-30. That will give you a clue as to what to expect.

Please contact me by commenting here for more information on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturn Returns.


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