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December 2006 horoscope

Visualization Challenge

This link is to Science Magazine's 2006  Visualization Challenge winners. These winners are photographers who create such unusual photos such as a portrait of a cockroach (surprisingly beautiful) and flight patterns.

My favorite is a "landscape" of a letter E which started out as an effort to aid handwriting analysts.

According to independent media artist Curtis DuBois, "every individual has a characteristic way of using pressure in their writing," resulting in a unique pattern of pressure points. He used a 3D ray-tracing program to convert the shades of gray in a digitally scanned image of the handwritten letter "e" into variations in virtual altitude. By turning the darker spots into deeper areas in the image, DuBois was able to highlight the "hot spots" or pressure points and thus increase the amount of information available in the writing. He then added color and "atmospheric effects" for "aesthetic impact" of the image.


Who would like to "read" this photo and tell me what the E means?


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