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Invest by the Moon?

Of course we always knew this - that the phases of the moon impacts human behavior. But now the financial analysts are getting wise. According to the New York Times, the next time you want to buy or sell a stock, check the phases of the moon. They found that the stock market tends to do better during the week before and the week after the new moon. The differences are quite large, according to the article in the business section. Read more here.

This so reminds me of a quote by financier J.P. Morgan who said "Millionaires do not use astrology. Billionaires do."  'Nuf said!

Want to get started? Here is a link to a site that gives you up to date phases of the moon.

Colorgenics Personal Profiler

ColorgenicThe Paul Goldin Clinic in Dublin Ireland developed Colorgenics which is a culmination of many years of clinical research. The Colorgenics Profiler analyzes your choices of color preference and reveals to you your underlying character traits and provides insight into your physical well-being.

The clinic is also looking into Colormonics. Initial research indicates that by visualising specific colors at the same time as listening to harmonics of subliminal sound frequencies, an individual’s subconscious mind may be activated and this can result in the development of ones inherent psychic powers and the ability to break specific bad habits, like smoking.

My Colorgenics profile begins with: Much of the time you are preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting nature. Who me???

UPDATE - It looks like the Paul Goldin Clinic is no longer in operation. Check out some of these personality tests I found on AllWomansTalk.

Mysterious Britain

I just love websites that offer interesting offbeat information. I have travelled to Britain every year since college (and that has been a few years ... ahem...) but never knew all of the neat, fascinating and just plain wierd places that seem to abound in that quirky nation. The website  Mysterious Britain offers maps and backgrounds on many (but of course not all - we'll leave a few for some future posts) of these interesting, spooky, fascinating sights and their legends in England, Scotland and Wales. Or do I mean alleged sightings...?

Horn of Protection

Ever hear of the "horn of protection"? It is also known as a cornicello. It looks something like this:

Hornofprotection_1 This charm is used to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from envy. A recent New York Times article about a society lady who needed one to protect herself from envious comments. Of course, in the NY Times, the Horn of Protection happened to be diamond studded. This, in my book, might even be a cause for envy.

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