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Stocking Stuffer: iPod Plasma Globe

Plasmaipod What do you get when you cross an iPod with a lava lamp?

I think it might be the iSound Plasma Speaker System. You connect your iPod and the built-in plasma lamp generates a sensational dance of colorful electromagnetic "lightning" inside its globe whenever you play a tune. In addition to the light show it delivers excellent sound quality -- now that is something my old lava lamp never did. A cosmic experience! Now if it could only choose the winning lotto numbers....

Find it at The Sharper Image for $99.95. A bargain at any price.

Void of Course Moons January 2007

For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is January 2007.

A big thank you to renowned astrologer Felissa Rose for the charts.

The following times are Eastern Standard. Adjustments must be made for other time zones.


Tue Jan 2 5:07 AM To 10:15 AM
    Moon enters Cancer   

Wed Jan 3 8:59 AM  To Thu Jan 4  4:15 PM
    Moon enters Leo

Sat Jan 6  7:57 PM To Sun Jan  7  1:19 AM
    Moon enters Virgo

Tue Jan 9 7:52 AM To 1:16 PM
    Moon enters Libra

Thu Jan 11  8:57 PM  To Fri Jan 12  2:09 AM
    Moon enters Scorpio

Sun Jan 14 10:51 AM To  1:12 PM
    Moon enters Sagittarius

Tue Jan 16  4:29 PM To  8:50 PM
    Moon enters Capricorn

Thu Jan 18 11:02 PM To Fri Jan 19  1:17 AM
    Moon enters Aquarius

Sun Jan 21 12:01 AM To 3:49 AM
    Moon enters Pisces

Tue Jan 23  2:12 AM To  5:53 AM
    Moon enters Aries

Thu Jan 25  4:51 AM To 8:30 AM 
    Moon enters Taurus

Sat Jan 27 11:09 AM To 12:11 PM
    Moon enters Gemini

Mon Jan 29  1:41 PM To  5:17 PM 
    Moon enters Cancer

Tue Jan 30  4:32 PM To Thu Feb 1 12:16 AM
    Moon enters Leo

Thank you for the charts Felissa!

Felissa Rose is a professional Astrologer who writes, teaches and meets with clients in Columbia County, New York City and California. She lives in Hillsdale, New York. You can read some of her other writings at www.accessnewage.com/felissa Felissa can be reached at felissarose@taconic.net.

Stocking Stuffer: Fortuneball

Anybody hear of this gadget? Seems like a good birthday or holiday gift but a bit pricier than a Magic 8 ball.....

The Amazing Fortuneball a product of Iconic: http://www.iconic-corp.com featured on I Want That! Tech Toys, HGTV. Fortuneball is a modern, computerized fortune prediction system that combines the theories of astrology, numerology and I Ching. You just enter your birthday and it will give you daily feedback on your love life, wealth and well-being. Fortuneball has an Internet link so you can receive fortunes on your mobile device as well. With its help you can navigate temporarily rough seas and look ahead to calmer waters and sunlit places.


Astrology by Steuben

Even upscale gift seller Steuben glass is getting into the new age. Consider the following gift item:

The Language of Signs offers a wide selection of ready-to-engrave symbolic visuals that add special meaning to your gifts for a fixed price. Choose from stylized Zodiac Signs (great for birthday gifts), Zodiac Symbols (a bull representing Taurus, for example), Chinese Zodiac ideograms marking individual birth years (e.g. "Year of the Monkey") in the recurrent 12-year cycles of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese Words that express good wishes including "Happy Birthday" and others, or special Icons representing a sport or interest such as golf or poker. With Steuben's new Language of Signs, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Here is a Steuben link with some nice zodiac stemware. (Be careful Sagittarians - they are very breakable!)

If anyone needs an all purpose / all sign gift how about this nice bowl with all the signs:


Aren't the holidays coming soon.....?

December 2006 pet horoscope

Jolly Santa is bringing treats for all good pets this December. Make this holiday season purrfect by providing extra attention to all their needs. In return, you may get a little present or two from them. New toy anyone?

Check your pet's sign here.