Body Language

This is a dictionary of Body Language - all actions, terms and what they mean. So when they say yes but their body language says no, no, no, you will know, know, know. There is also a new book on the market which defines itself as the "definitive guide to body language". The book is called The Way We Move and has been reviewed in  The New York Times Book Review . An intro to the review is certainly engaging: "We may have landed a man on the moon ... but deep down in ... we’re still hairy, barely bipedal chimpanzee cousins trying to make it through the day while protecting our vital organs from attack. This at least is the conclusion I drew from this ... informative, often amusing, ... encyclopedia of body language.

An example from the book -

Bodylanguage This is "The Crotch Display" which is an aggressive stance indicating dominance. This stance is probably more common in men than with women.


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