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Cosmic Bowling?

Cosmicbowl The last time I was in a bowling alley there were guys, called pinspotters, manually setting up the pins. I am dimly aware that some years ago automatic pinsetting equipment was installed. Certainly that would be the last innovation possible for this sport of kings ... er... pins. After all, bowling is a game in which players roll a ball down a flat surface in an effort to knock over objects and therefore score points -- how much can you really expect to improve on this?

Enter what the marketers now call cosmic bowling, a new form of entertainment. It's glow-in-the-dark bowling in a dance club atmosphere complete with state-of-the-art sound system, fog machines, light shows and upbeat music with a DJ -- think "rock 'n bowl."  I think this has been around a little while, at least at NYC's Bowlmor Lanes. But stay with me here - Blinding lights, fluorescent pins, head-pounding music: I must ask - what makes this "cosmic"? This is not the kind of atmosphere that wafts me into cosmic mellowness. At very least, when I reach for a big ball can't it at least be a crystal???


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