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Do-It-Yourself Reflexology

Reflexsock2 The gentle healing art of reflexology can be an effective form of therapeutic foot massage. By applying pressure on certain reflex points in the feet you can get relief from aches and pains, increase circulation, revitalize energy and reduce stress. So many health benefits and it feels so darned good, too! While reflexology is most effective when done by a professional it could be more convenient (and less expensive) to try on your own, all you need is some easy-to-follow guidance.

Well, now you have it --  just slip on a pair of Earth Therapeutics reflexology socks. The soles of these socks have colorful, easy-to-understand diagrams that show each reflex pressure point. This simplifies the complex art of reflexology and provides a fool-proof instruction so you can provide a healing and fun massage on someone else. They also come with a printed chart you can use when you are on your own and realize how difficult it can be to read the bottom of your socks.

They cost about $10 a pair and my feet are telling me they are worth every cent. You may even want to wrap these babies on other parts of your body and press those pressure points for a real thrill of a lifetime!


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