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February 2007 horoscope

February wraps itself around our hearts and promises love to the lovelorn, fun to the funlorn and glitter to the shopworn. Send  Mars a valentine and get ready for your close-up, lover.

Read your February horoscope here.

Bad Psychics

I have posted about bad / phony psychics before and how to tell is someone is a fake. Check my past post called "Phony Psychics". But today on AOL there is a video of how really hurtful bad psychics can be. Here is an example - on the Montel Williams show. It has the lead line as follows:

Psychic Gets Busted: Sylvia Browne gets busted on Montel for being wildly off the mark in a psychic "prediction."


Do-It-Yourself Reflexology

Reflexsock2 The gentle healing art of reflexology can be an effective form of therapeutic foot massage. By applying pressure on certain reflex points in the feet you can get relief from aches and pains, increase circulation, revitalize energy and reduce stress. So many health benefits and it feels so darned good, too! While reflexology is most effective when done by a professional it could be more convenient (and less expensive) to try on your own, all you need is some easy-to-follow guidance.

Well, now you have it --  just slip on a pair of Earth Therapeutics reflexology socks. The soles of these socks have colorful, easy-to-understand diagrams that show each reflex pressure point. This simplifies the complex art of reflexology and provides a fool-proof instruction so you can provide a healing and fun massage on someone else. They also come with a printed chart you can use when you are on your own and realize how difficult it can be to read the bottom of your socks.

They cost about $10 a pair and my feet are telling me they are worth every cent. You may even want to wrap these babies on other parts of your body and press those pressure points for a real thrill of a lifetime!

Cosmic Bowling?

Cosmicbowl The last time I was in a bowling alley there were guys, called pinspotters, manually setting up the pins. I am dimly aware that some years ago automatic pinsetting equipment was installed. Certainly that would be the last innovation possible for this sport of kings ... er... pins. After all, bowling is a game in which players roll a ball down a flat surface in an effort to knock over objects and therefore score points -- how much can you really expect to improve on this?

Enter what the marketers now call cosmic bowling, a new form of entertainment. It's glow-in-the-dark bowling in a dance club atmosphere complete with state-of-the-art sound system, fog machines, light shows and upbeat music with a DJ -- think "rock 'n bowl."  I think this has been around a little while, at least at NYC's Bowlmor Lanes. But stay with me here - Blinding lights, fluorescent pins, head-pounding music: I must ask - what makes this "cosmic"? This is not the kind of atmosphere that wafts me into cosmic mellowness. At very least, when I reach for a big ball can't it at least be a crystal???

Ha, Ha, Ha: Laughter Yoga

Eleven years ago Dr Madan Kataria, an Indian doctor and student of Yoga was writing a paper for a medical journal titled 'Laughter is the best medicine'.

Convinced of the medical benefits of laughter and Yogic breathing exercises, Doctor Kataria was searching for a way to bring these benefits to modern man. In a flash of inspiration Laughter Yoga was born and today countless people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of a daily dose of laughter practicing Laughter Yoga at laughter clubs or at their workplace.

Research is available that shows laughter helps keep us healthy, removes the negative effects of stress and helps boost the immune system.

There are Laughter Yoga training retreats, conferences, books, testimonials, a foundation and much more information online at sites like www.laughteryoga.org. 

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