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Spring Thyme Spa

This time of year I get very stressed out. Part of the reason is that I detest shopping for gifts. I would rather give cash but it seems so impersonal. (Of course no one complains about getting money and they never try to return it but.....) So I try to discover unique ways to not only help myself but also find ways to spread the joy and mellowness around. So I found a great place to chill and relax and it also offers gift certificates! Spring Thyme NY is a spa and wellness center in lower Manhattan that has soup to nuts services to ease any restive soul. Here is their spiel -


Spring Thyme is a colorful and welcoming oasis of calm in the Financial District. The extensive menu of spa services features facials, soothing massages, body treatments, and waxing. But Spring Thyme isn't just another day spa-it's also a center for healing, where experts in Eastern medicine offer acupuncture and customized herbal remedies. You can also get gift certificates (.... hint hint.)


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