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Buy a Windchime, Save an Orangutan

Chime3 Who doesn't love windchimes? Whether you use them to aid meditation, enjoy relaxing with their beautiful, soothing, gentle tones, or just like to watch them swaying in the breeze, what's not to like? (Unless it's your neighbor's and then....). I am assuming that one is never enough so take a look at the new bamboo chimes created by Woodstock Percussion. As an added benefit, a portion of the profits from these windchimes goes to the Sumatran Orangutan Society to aid the conservation and welfare of Sumatran Orangutans and their habitat.

I fell in love with the Bamboo Feng Shui Chime model shown here. The website shows images of the full line along with sound files for each chime -- the perfect way to choose your favorite.

Some believe that a windchime can attract positive energy, I'm looking for a very breezy spot to hang my new chime and let the good vibes wash over me.


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