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For a New Age Baby

Harmonyball Oh baby, how traumatic, and painful, it must be to have those hard, sharp bits of enamel pushing through your tender gums. There is no shortage of recommended remedies designed to ease the pain but most of them come with cautions. Teething biscuits can have a questionable nutritional makeup: too much sugar and salt. Cool liquids and foods can be messy. Teething gels and tablets should be used only as a last resort and with a doctor's supervision.

But a teething ring has the advantage of being free of known side effects. And the best teething ring I have seen is the 14K Gold Plated Harmony Ball. This teething ring has a soothing crystalline chime and is traditionally given to mothers to wear during pregnancy then passed on to her baby during teething. At $140 it ain't cheap but I would say that its ability to soothe a cranky baby is worth every penny.


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